Sunday, October 6, 2013

Floral Corset [Review]

Floral Corset


I got my first ever corset!have been wanting to own one just for the fun of it and finally got one from LivingSocial

I wore mine for a full day of events, out and about, running here and there, all over klang valley. Lols, I honest don't suggest you wear it for more than 8 hours because it gets tiring for your body. I wore them for 12 hours and felt as if it had already straighten my back from all these years of hunching. Seriously, it make me look taller by making sure I was standing and sitting straight the whole time, even when I was driving!!! 

The ribbon was really long, I just go underneath the crossed ribbons and tie bow on each of them. 

Corsets are great to train your body to stand and sit straight as well as awesome for hiding those extra spare tires for those days you feel bloated. It does restrict your movements but well... it's a corset. Can't argue much here. 

This floral corset is beautiful. Pretty enough for the day and sexy enough for the night. Just switch those flowy tutu looking skirts to skin hugging leather tights/pants to transition from day to night. A good play with make up and accessories will also help spice things up.   

The hooks are really secure and won't budge unless you want to unhook it. 

Overall, it's a good quality corset and I felt really secure with it. I felt neither of it dropping or metal easily unhooked by itself. Extremely loving it! Definitely a good buy from LivingSocial

P/s: to make it even kinky-er, it comes with a matching thong. *wink wink* Not showing you. Too sexy already. 


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