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Yes! Nurse - Protect Your Lovely Hands [Review]

Let's talk hands today! 

Honestly, this blogpost is way overdue. When I'm about to write a review, I will really need to find the time to sit in front of my laptop and hit those alphabets. 

When I was contacted by Mon Fong from The Love Jars a month ago, I was really intrigued by their adorable logo and nicely layout website. They do not have much variety of products but they are all pretty reasonable in price. I personally am drawn to the Bath & Body tab as the page displayed pictures of products that are looking extremely stunning in their good quality packaging. I was also very happy to see a candles section but it was unfortunately to see a lonely Citron Verbena Les Sentiments Gift Candle staring back at me calling me "Buy Me, I smell like citrus & I know how much you love that" D: I almost died in there. 

The only section that I wasn't really interested is the Lip Care range. Mediocre looking lip balms and lip colors that looked highly similar to Burt's Bees didn't really appeal to me. As much as I was into the brand's name "Crazy Rumors", I've passed the stage of going crazy over lip balms. 

I was given the Yes! Nurse - Protect Your Lovely Hands hand cream with Intensive Moisturizing Hand Formula. Their key ingredients are:

Healing Purpose
  • Active +15 manuka honey

Hydrating & Protecting Purpose
  • Pomegranate seed oil
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Passion fruit seed oil
  • Almond oil 

Soothing Purpose
  • Aloe vera
  • White willow bark extract.

This UK Made hand cream claims to be fast absorbing, non-greasy, actively hydrates and replenishes the skin's natural defenses against the harsh effect of constant hand washing and during environments. For maximum benefit, you are encouraged to apply 2-3 times daily, especially in the morning and at mid-day. Put only a pea sized amount and massage well into skin for at least 30 seconds and hands should feel visibly soothed and renewed after 1 day. (Yeah, that is if I can remember or even be hardworking enough to apply hand cream in the middle of the day) 

I love, Love, LOVE the packaging. So SO adorable and make it feels like a product with class. It comes in a really nice, brown box with seriously awesome message printed around it. Then when you open, more cute drawings and messages pops out with the almighty looking emollient laying there just waiting for you to grab it out from the box. It gets better when you hold the matte white tube on your hands, I don't know why but there is just something about the shape and the material of the tube that makes me want to hold it all the time. It seriously feels so nice.

Haha, this is interesting. So if the PostLaju in Malaysia didn't managed to send them to the right person, they will have to send the hand cream all the way back to Newcastle. 

hand cream

I'm not even talking about the actual product yet and I've already felt so much attraction just from the packaging itself. It has a distinct smell of honey, flower and wheat germ scent, you can even smell it on the tube itself. I have no problem with the scent but it's that type of scent where I know some people will not be able to accept it at all. 

This cream absorbs really fast into your skin but still leaves a good moisture feeling that allows you to massage your hands until you are satisfied. It somewhat locks that moisture in and repels water when you wash your hands. Sometime, I can't resist it, so I squirt some on my feet and massage it after a long day of wearing heels. I use a little more than a pea size for each feet :) 

Literally that is all you need. 

Just so you know, they have an interesting story behind Yes! Nurse emollient, there is a reason why it was originally made for life-saving nurses who worked so hard everyday.

Read about the story behind Yes! Nurse at 

The Love Jars is selling them at RM29.90 for 50ml which is quite a good deal since it is imported all the way from UK. Imagine if you try to order them from the original site which cost 5.49 pound per tube, convert it plus shipping fee which will cost you another bomb. It will be way more that 30 Malaysian bucks. It is small, light, handy, nice to hold and it's 50ml, it will last you almost forever because all you really need is a pea size for both hands. 

If you hate paying for shipping fees, this is your chance to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING promotion during the Malaysian Independence Season from The Love Jars now! 

*Product was given for review*

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