Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Love Asia 2.0 Tickets Giveaway


My awesome-powsome mysterious friend is giving you all a chance to win tickets to We Love Asia and here's how you do it. 

Things to do: 

  1. Follow this blog
  2. Like my FB page:
  3. Follow me on twitter: @jqleejq
  4. Follow me on instagram: @JQLEEJQ
  5. Share this blogpost on your FB page and write this "I'm going to We Love Asia all thanks to JQ's mysterious friend for the tickets!
FINALLY, comment on this blog post with your:
  • Name
  • Blog follower ID
  • FB name
  • Twitter name 
  • Instagram name
  • Direct link of the shared FB link 
  • Email. 
The first 7 comments with all things required done will win themselves two [2] tickets for We Love Asia! Which means, 7 of my readers gets a chance to win these tickets!

  1. Winners will receive a confirmation email from me. I will also announce them on my instagram. So please check emails and stalk me on instagram for the 2 days. 
  2. Winner are to collect the tickets from me from my office near Citta Mall/Ara Damansara either on 5th September 2013, 2pm-4pm or 6th September 2013, 10am-12pm. Office details will be stated in the email. 
All The Best!


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missburunghantu said...

Name: Tiew Yen Ling
Blog follower ID:
I did follow you in imotiv and
FB name: YenLingTiew
Twitter name: YenLingTiew
Instagram name: missburunghantu
Direct link of the shared FB link:


Steven Yong said...

Name : Steven Yong
FB name : Steven Yong Went Hong
Twitter Name: stevenywh
Instagram: stevenywh
Fb permalink

Jessying said...

Name Jess Lee
Blog follower ID jessying
FB name Jess Lee
Twitter name jessyings
Instagram name jessyings
Direct link of the shared FB link

bunnie reb said...

Name:Rebecca Ng
FB name:Rebecca.nyl
Instagram name:Wabbierebreb
Direct link of the shared FB link:

Seriously appreciate your sincere & kind offer Jq. <3

Kian Fai Koh said...

Name: Koh Kian Fai
Fb name: Koh Kian Fai (Edmend)
Instagram: @kianfai87
Twitter: @kianfai_rox
Fb post link:

jeaneve kuay said...

Name: Kuay Jeaneve
Fb name: Jeaneve kuay
Instagram: @kuayjeaneve
Twitter: @kjeaneve
Fb post link:

Dylan Phuah said...

Name: Phuah Zheng Dhong
Blog follower ID: zhengdhong phuah
FB name: ZhengDhong Dylan
Twitter name: @dylanzd
Instagram name: dylanphuah
Direct link of the shared FB link: