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Stick House | Italian Handcrafted Gelato [Review]

girl and gelato ice cream

Ice-cream, ice-cream, you know I love ice-cream...

This time, I'm sticking to the goodness, without the guilt! Stickhouse is a new innovative healthy gelato concept from Italy combining the homemade tradition of the Italian art of gelato making and up-to-date technology. Their recipes are simple, only high quality 100% natural and genuine ingredients used without adding artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservative. 

What makes them different? 
  • Italian Gelato on stick 
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Zero Air Added
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • High quality products
  • Healthy & Nutritious
Honestly, I don't really care about it being on stick. Cup, cone, plastic, bare hands... still italian gelato to me. However, I really think the all natural part is amazing especially if you take sorbets. I almost died to their raspberry sorbet. Also, the best part would be the selections of dipping and toppings. Very few varieties but they lay out good stuff such as pure DARK CHOCOLATE, milk chocolate and white chocolate accompanied by a choice of ALMONDS, HAZELNUT or PISTACHIOS!!! not peanuts okay...and the not so important chocolate rice and rainbow bead available too. 

design your own ice creamJQ's creation of Coffee dipped in Dark Chocolate with a sprinkle of Hazelnut and drizzle with White Chocolate. 

Here's an idea of what their bases is made of that makes them so healthy: 

Inulin: A vegetable fibre extracted from chicory, inulin increases the absorption of calcium, aids digestion, and reduce cholesterol. 

Fructose: A low glycemic index (GI) natural product contained in fruits, honey, and some vegetables and plants. It's suitable for fine recipes and light diets. 

Carob Bean Flour: Recommended for digestive disorders and it acts as a natural stabilizer in the ice-cream. 

Sodium Caseinate: A high quality protein product obtained by fresh pasteurized skimmed milk. 

Egg White: An excellent pure protein source with a high biological value, fat free and help to blend air into the mixture naturally. 

Pure Chocolate: Good for your heart, helps the cardiovascular system to stay healthy. 

Besides the ingredients, it's also about the techniques too. A lot of ice cream manufactures churn their ice cream by 'whipping' their ingredients and adding air, which increases the volume of any frozen dessert. The manufacturers take full advantage of this to produce and sell more of their product. 

The air added to ice creams could go up to 120%, and even high quality ice creams have as much as 50%. By adding air, most of the ingredient's original and natural flavors are lost and this is where artificial flavoring are used as compensation. 

Gelatos uses a slower churning method and have and average of 25% air resulting a denser, creamer texture. It also retains more of the original flavors.  

BUT Stickhouse gelatos are produced WITHOUT ADDING AIR. ZERO AIR makes it denser and creamier with full taste and flavors! 100% genuine and natural! 

Here's my exciting journey in decorating my own Stickhouse!

Looks good, taste good but pricey despite the fact that it's all natural because we are Malaysians, cheapo-s.... I still think everyone should try it at least once to tell if you think is worth it or not. Plus, they have mini sticks too, no harm trying. 

So I'm giving out three [3] 50% vouchers with no minimum purchase! 

Just follow this blog and comment with your Follower's ID, email and Say: I want to try STICKHOUSE! 

  1. Giveaway ends on 22 September 2013 (sunday) 11.59pm
  2. Three [3] random winner will be selected and be announced on my fan page
  3. Winners will also receive an email from me for mailing address. 
  4. Stickhouse vouchers are valid till 30 November 2013. 
  5. Valid for the purchase of mini sticks only with maximum of 5 sticks in one voucher.
  6. Dipping and topping are not included.
They are currently available at The Gardens Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Citta Mall and Gurney Paragon Mall. Also, 'Like' their page at for a special deal!


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Sophia Woon said...

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Sophia Woon said...

I want to try STICKHOUSE!

Sophia Woon said...

I want to try STICKHOUSE! ^^

Sophia Woon said...

I want to try STICKHOUSE! ^^

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