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Sara Shantelle | Head CPR & more! [Review]

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Who's up for a CPR for your head? Lols, yeah sound weird but damn I love that stuff. I received a couple of products from Sara Shantelle to review and here's what they've sent me. 

No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy 
OXY Whitening Mask
H2O Collagen Facial Foam
H2O Crystal Healing Gel
Ultimate Makeup Removal


FROM always looking immaculate 30,000 feet above ground to maintaining a pleasant disposition no matter what happens, an air stewardess is the epitome of the perfect host. Behind the refined exterior are many hours of preparation, training and beauty grooming - something Sara Shantelle Lim, a former air stewardess is all too familiar with And, she is unveiling her beauty secrets now by bringing in tried-and-tested products by aesthetic doctors from all over the world to spa owners, retailers and consumers in SouthEast Asia, USA, France, Dubai and Europe.

Ms Sara sells them all under er beauty company with her namesake, Sara Shantelle. Consumers can purchase her beauty products via her website Sara loves children and participated in an ongoing campaign whereby 10% of her online proceeds will be donated to Singapore Children;s Society. During her free time, she writes her own novel which shares her juicy inside encounters as an air-stewardess. First three episodes are out and can be read online via her website.

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I will first start with my absolute favorite of the whole batch. Shining bright like a diamond is the No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy, something fabulous should you have itchy scalp problem like mine. I love how it feels on my scalp. 

Just so you know, I have issues with dandruff. It comes back on and off depending on mood and stress levels. I have to keep my scalp clean by washing everyday or at least every other day or dandruff will start building and flaking on me. Plus, when my hair is not fresh, it itches. Not a pretty sight for a lady. 

Of course, the name of this product got me excited. I wasn't hoping for it to clear my dandruff problems but I was looking for something to pamper and calm my scalp so that it will be good to me and I can spare my head the often washing that could be rather damaging and drying to the hair. 

This amazing spray contains Wild Ginseng Extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using organic herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil. This bottle contains HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is a medical use of oxygen at a level higher tan atmospheric pressure. It claims to be highly effective for stressful individuals to relieve headaches and migranes with its instant cooling minty sensation. It's apparently also recommended for individuals with hair loss, itchy, dandruff or sensitive hair scalp problems. 

I personally like using this only after washing my hair, the cooling sensation really gets me addicted to this product. This product may be formulated in USA but it is packaged in Taiwan, so don't get confused over it. It's really smart of them giving USA a big font so that it looks more reliable. They say to pump about 5-10 shots, yeah, I go to the maximum and pump 10 shots all over my head. I will part my hair making sure that the goodness sprays directly to my scalp, then massage it with my fingers. 

The head of this product is little bit scary. It is not the easiest to press and get it spraying to my scalp because I have a sensitive scalp so, with the need of a harder push, I do feel sometimes the pressure of the pointy things against my head can be a little bit overwhelming especially the first few times. Though, it gets easier after a while because you will kinda get used to it and enjoy the pressure like someone is massaging your head. 

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Overall, I really love this Head CPR. My scalp is less itchy and keeps my hair fresh longer than needing to wash every single day. I love the cooling sensation of it and I have a feeling that it helps in reducing my hair loss. My hair still falls but not as much. It doesn't clear my dandruff issues and I can't say much if it helps with conquering headaches or migraines because I don't go through that myself. This is one cool scalp product that you should try if you are looking to give your scalp a treat. 

Apparently the Japanese love this too!
Interested? Read more here: 

Here are the other items that I find it to be just so-so...

I've opened and tried all of the other items except the mask because I will be giving it away to one of you awesome readers share my experience with Sara Shantelle. Keep on reading until the end for the giveaway! 

H2O Collagen Facial Foam

This smells exactly like Hazeline Snow, the product that have been in the world since forever. My late grandmother used to ask me to buy them for her all the time. This face wash is again formulated in France but did not say where it's packaged from. Lols, it looks like Hazeline Snow from the inside too. I have no complains with this face wash, smells good, looks good physically, I love how the packaging looks super sleek and pretty. It cleans pretty well, if you hate the super clean feeling, this is not for you but I love the super clean feeling so no complains. 

H2O Crystal Healing Gel

This doesn't really do it for me because it is meant for oily skin. I have dry skin and the gel is nice and cooling but it's not moisturizing enough for me. It claims to be purifying against the development of bacteria, pimples and acne formation and also supposed to help lighten acne scars. I can't say much because I've only used it a couple of times and I don't like it being so dry on my skin. I think I may pass it to my boyfriend for him to try on his oily skin type. 

Ultimate Makeup Removal

I think I dislike the texture of this. The texture of after massaging it on my face is plain weird. The idea of floating dirt to surface is by clumping it to a gooey bits of weirdness. I can see that lump of goo being dirty with all my makeup residues on which means that it does help with the removal of makeup but I just don't like how it comes together as a slimy thing. 

Please be aware that some of their products contains paraben which is commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry as preservatives. If you are concern about this ingredient, I highly suggest you check out their website to read thoroughly on the product ingredients first before purchasing. They list everything out there.

Here comes the GIVEAWAY! 

I'm sure some of you would love to try out Sara Shantelle's products. Remember, this is specially shipped all the way from Singapore. I would like to share something with one of you! Win it for yourself or for someone else because you will never go wrong with a face mask. Here's how you can win this OXY Whitening Mask: 

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Giveaway ends on 11th October 2013, Friday, 11.59pm. 

Also, quote "BloggerJQ" to enjoy 10% off ALL SaraShantelle Products. Email in to to order. FREE SHIPPING for purchases $50 nett and above! Browse their website at WWW.SARASHANTELLE.COM


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