Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mistral Shea Butter Lavender [Review]

multi purpose balm


We have a product from France today and it smells totally awesome, only if you like lavender scent. I am a huge fan of lavender scent in candles, bath, body, essentials and aromatherapy oils. Don't mind them in skincare but hate them in food & beverages. I've always feel lavender is meant for exterior purposes only like making your room smells nice, making you smell nice and to calm your mind and soul. 

So of course, having a shea butter in lavender scent makes me happy. This Mistral Extra Rich Shea Butter in Lavender made it double the happiness for me because it came in the ultimate 'angmo' looking packaging, product in metal looking containers. I feel so pampered already. 

When I first saw it on The Love Jars website, I thought it was going to be as big as The Body Shop's butters but the sky came crashing down when you see that it's only 12g. Lols, I totally laughed at myself because I almost justified the price to the amount of product ratio. 

Fine, so now it looks cute. This travel size multipurpose product is 100% Pure Shea Butter and is enriched with calendula flower extract, a plant that soothes skin irritation and promotes healing. It claims to treat chapped lips, problematic cuticles, sunburn, dry hands and even split ends. However, I'm the funniest person on earth whom only used it for my lips so far, and that was also just for fun and the smell of it before I hit snoozeland. 

I guess I can safely say that I'm not using it for the moisturizing purpose because I personally prefer non-scented products if I'm looking for moisturizing function. I like smelling it out of the pot itself with my eyes closed to prepare myself for sleep. I just like the idea of bringing myself to a happy place just for a moment after a long day of work or doing nothing at home. Taking the time to get ready for bed physically and mentally will definitely help you to sleep better, you will feel more refresh the next day and overall just a happier person. Nothing is more beautiful than a happy girl. 

Because it's small and in a balm form, mobility is A-OK. I have to admit that sometimes when I forgot my perfume, I apply this on a couple of my pulse areas such as wrist, behind the ears, neck and above my chest so that I don't smell of nothing going through the day. I think I totally took advantage of this product just for the scent only. I didn't really take notice or care much about it's hydrating functions. So much for being a shea butter.

For a 12g product, RM22.50 is pretty hefty for most of your wallets for a thing that is not super needed, so I highly suggest that you take advantage of those gifting seasons such as birthdays, christmas, Malaysia day....... Okay, the last one was a joke but they are having free shipping and discounts for the Merdeka season.

This will be such a pretty gift. It doesn't make sense for you to buy it for yourself when you don't actually need it BUT a RM23 gift is so reasonable as a gift because it's a selfless act, it's for the benefit of your family or friends. This will be a great time to tell someone to get this for you if they have no idea what to get you as a gift. Or else, justify it by saying that you are treating yourself after all the hard work you have done, whatever that is.

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*Product was sent to me for review purpose*

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choulyin.tan said...

it looks so cute!!! but....what does it actually do? LOL balm shouldn't be for moisturizing the hands?

Jian Quin Lee said...

Choulyin, It's actually a multipurpose shea butter balm that is suitable for dry skin, cuticles, lips and etc. check out the website for more info :)