Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maybeline New York The Rocket Mascara [Event]

Hey y-all!

When I first got my invite for the new ROCKET MASCARA Launch, I was punching my fist in the air like a football fan when their favorite football team scored a goal. Prior to the event, I was already watching and reading loads about this new mascara.

I was quite early for the event, I sat with Cik Lily Putih (image above) catching up on our blogging life :) I love hanging out with bloggers, most of the time because we speak our own language and understood each other.

A lady from Maybeline and passed us a newly opened mascara for us to try, I just couldn't resist to embarrass myself and start applying them directly to my lashes with the excuse of "I needed to touch up my mascara". Very smart, JQ. Cik Lily Putih saw the whole thing, so malu, I can even ask her if she wants to try first before me. lols.

That aside, I was actually quite impress with the mascara on the first try. It did what it claimed to do on my lashes, darkens, lengthens and beautifully fans out the individual lashes. Plus for my medium to long type of lashes, the formula is not heavy thus it helps in keeping my lashes staying curved and flying high.

It claims that The ROCKET Volum' Express is able to achieve the popular lash look with no clumps and in rocket speed is due to the patented brush. The brush combines a rigid core and soft elastomer bristles that make it easier to apply pressure to lashes during application. This also makes it easier for users to deposit a big dose of mascara, coating each lash from root to tip in easy glides.

Apparently, you don't need to apply with zigzag motion for this due to its fast-glide gel formula, it is easy to coat every single lash in one smooth sweep for up to 8X more volume. It also contains film formers that give it a longer lasting smudge-proof and flake-resistant wear. Removal is claimed to be fast and convenient by splashing with warm water or makeup remover and the mascara will dissolve into ultra-fine flim-like material. 

Did you see how cool the make up artist lined the model's eyes. So cool and futuristic, need to start be more creative already.

So far, I really do like the mascara but I've only tried it out once, I gave my review sample to my marketing colleague for she's another makeup lover. I'm currently waiting for another sample before I can review them thoroughly for you.

However, good news for you because it's already out in the market nationwide in rich black for a retail price of RM39.90. For a highly raved mascara that I feel works nicely for my lashes, the price is reasonable.

Maybeline NY Simply Fabulous (Malaysia) Facebook is currently running ROCKET ME TO NEW YORK contest which of course, you stand a chance to win a fully expense paid trip to New York! 


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