Sunday, September 22, 2013

I found my right fit with Neubodi!


Did you know that only 20% of women have experienced the right fitted bra? Fuh, that makes me part of the normal 80% beauties that are wearing the wrong size. Or maybe, we are not exactly wearing the wrong size of bra but we are not wearing the right everyday bra that is designed to support your bust well. Don't judge, nobody told me that half cup is not meant for everyday wear. I only thought strapless and stick-ons were the dangerous ones so we only wear them for parties and functions that usually last for a couple of hours. Till I found Neubodi. 

I was taken by surprised when the first thing they wanted to do was to touch me. "Where's the measuring tape?" I thought to myself but it was too late, she already reached out her hands and go around underneath my bust. "Flat type" she said, I was like "what? I got boobs okay!" Justifying myself while pushing my chest up in front of her for prove. 

Lols, okay, I exaggerated the whole scenario. This is what really happened in the store... They did explain to me beforehand that Neubodi was grounded as the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in Malaysia, coupling the art of holistic fitting technique which uses only the hands to measure our bra size. According to the lady, my body shape is the flat type instead of rounded, imagine a rectangle with rounded corners. No, she didn't touch my breast to guess the bra size, she just go it right by looking, not staring. #PeoplewithExperience 

It only takes her the second bra to get the perfect fit for me. It was my first time wearing a 3 buckled bra and the first time having the lady to teach me to pull all of my fats from behind, side and bottom to my bra. Damn, immediately increased a cup size. She said that everybody got boobs, is just that nobody bothers to pull the runaway fats back to where they belong. I have to admit that it felt super tight in the beginning but after wearing them on and off for almost 2 weeks. I honestly very happy with them for my front looks like there's at least something there :) 

The classic bra faux pas usually involves riding underbands, slipping bra straps, wrinkled cups, and also quadraboob and side boob problems caused by unsightly bumbs and ridges. From a health standpoint, this could cause all sorts of medical problems such as back problems, shoulder aches, muscle tensions, headaches, sagging breasts and bad posture. It is advisable to go to a professional bra specialist every 6 months for there may be major or minor adjustments to be done for constant right fit. 

Thank you for guiding me through the right fit journey! 

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Neubodi implemented a 3D way of sculpting, cutting and hand-tailored every piece from cups sized 65A to 100 I cup. Each bra goes through at least 48 stages of assembly that takes about 8 months to create. Thus, you can expect these bras to be luxurious. Their price ranges from RM159-RM488 varying on sizes. The bigger the cup the higher the price due to the extra fabric needed.

When you are wearing a good quality bra, of course, you will also have to be smart in washing them the right way to make sure that it last longer. Thus, I bought their Delicate Laundry Wash instead of using regular soap powder. 

For more information, visit and I think they are also having some discount vouchers on their FB page

Next, I will be introducing the only Active lifestyle bra that you ever need for that ultimate support and comfort! 

*Only bra was given for review purpose*

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Sherrie Pui said...

Wah Neubodi! Expensive stuff XD

Ashley Yeen said...

Too bad I can't make it that day!

Jian Quin Lee said...

Sherrie, lols depends on which bra cause their price ranges from RM159-RM488 varying on sizes. :)

Ashley, awwwwww. :(

Ashley Yeen said...

By the way, is it nice to wear? It's really hard for me to find my size... @.@