Thursday, September 26, 2013

Darlie Expert White!

Get your professional teeth whitening done here and cheap! 

You have the looks, the body and the perfect smile to die for, but the only thing keeping you from smiling with teeth showing is that unpleasant looking stained teeth. Bleaching or any other treatments are not an option due to the cost that might burn a hole in your pocket and regular whitening toothpaste just don't seem to be enough. Maybe you can try this next, Darlie Expert White toothpaste is said to be able to give 3 times whiter teeth as compared to other regular fluoride toothpaste. Here's how...

whitening toothpaste 
The production of Darlie White Expert is inspired by professional whitening treatments, specifically Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp) which is scientifically proven to deliver effective whitening results. PS-mp removes stubborn stains from the teeth, making them whiter and shinier. Plus, it's combined with the 'anti-stain' properties that forms a whitening shield which prevents accumulation of stains and tartar up to 80%. Also, using Darlie Expert White on a daily basis will not do damage to your tooth enamel. Thus, bringing you a professional teeth-whitening experience.

Blue gell toothpaste
I've expected the toothpaste to be in some funky colour. I mean come on, to stand out, Darlie has to literally STAND OUT. No more "hei ren ya gao", if you understand mandarin, you'll dig me. By the way, it not really a paste, is more of a gel texture. Smell of mint, duh. 

Syazzy was there and nice :) They had a demo session going to show how it doesn't stain the 'tooth-like-plate" as much after soaking it in Darlie Expert White and a regular toothpaste. Yes, I saw the final result and it works much better in preventing teeth staining but nah, the waiting process is boring, is best your go get them and try them out yourself. See it with your own eyes that your teeth is brighter after using Darlie Expert White consistently rather than me show you pictures of that "tooth-like-plate" thingy changing colour. 

First test shot. Failed, too excited till the box is upside down.

The other thing comes along with Darlie Expert White toothpaste will definitely be the toothbrush. What's batman without robin, unless batman is Ben Affleck then everything is just wrong. 

The White Expert toothbrush comes with a V-shaped Whitening Polisher to help gently remove stains and Dual Bristle Types of 0.01mm slim tip bristles effectively reach deeper between teeth and end-rounded bristles cleans teeth while being gentle to gums.  

Like a kid going back to school learning about toothpaste and toothbrush. Lols. Not so good times. Hated squatting in line side by side with your classmates by the longkang(drain) while the nurse teach you how to brush your teeth. Weird now but fun back then to show off my latest toothbrush that looks pretty. #seriously

Even though I can't smile with teeth, hopefully it whitens my teeth!

*This is a paid advertorial*

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