Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Time [Movie Thoughts]


I really love the poster, they looked genuinely happy. Though, I think the they could have done better than just settling with the title 'About Time'. It's short and sweet but we can derive so many meanings from that, whether we thought that this movie is going to be about time itself or it is trying to tell us that it's about time to do something you want to do. 

Rachel McAdams is the best to play these kind of characters. She's so pretty and sweet looking playing the love of the main actor. It totally did not occurred to me that she was playing   , the bitch queen bee in Mean Girls. It was just two extreme characters. 

Looking at the tagline, 'What if every moment in life came with a second chance?'. Remember the movie Time Traveller's Wife? The main actor do not really get the choice of controlling his powers. Well, this on the other hand, have full control over time travelling which made everything a whole lot easier and less challenging. Partially making this story a little draggy due to the predictability is exposed. It felt as if I was in the cinema the longest time wondering when will the movie end. 

Personally, I feel that if we have the power to time travel whenever we want. The choices we make wouldn't matter anymore because we know it doesn't really matter, if we screw up, we can always just turn back time. That is not life, sure it's fun to live life without much consequences but then we will slowly fail to learn the meaning of grabbing opportunities and decision making. Where every single thing that we do, that we choose to do, makes us who we are through experience and learning a lesson from your past mistakes, failures and regrets.  

However, one good thing came out of this story is that whatever we do, we should always take time to notice your surroundings and little things in your life that most people tend to miss due to the busy daily routines and work. We are always in the rush, all the time. We don't usually take time to step back and look, watch, smell, breath, listen or enjoy the view because we stereotype time as being against us and 24 hours a day is never enough. 

romantic music

Other than that, I really really really love all the sountrack chosen for this movie. Just perfect. I can't stop looping my player, on my laptop, at work and in my car. 

Have you watched About Time? What do you think? 


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Elwyn~! said...

I kinda like the movie. It is a little light hearted, but the way you mention is when you put deep thoughts into it. And yes there might be times that you feel that if you could go back in time, you won't learn from your mistakes, but sometimes i feel that, i would need that just to know what i did wrong.

difficult to explain, but yeah, I really wish i could just go back in time sometimes.