Saturday, September 28, 2013

A FIT Lifestyle with Neubodi Flexi Bra!

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Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life. 

Introducing the new Neubodi Active Flexi Bra, aiming to empower women to indulge comfortably in a fit and healthy lifestyle! 

I am a huge fan of sports bra for not only it can be used for support during work out but also, I love using them replacing my tubes or tank tops. Is a fashion piece of its own. 

The flexi bra is exclusively engineered to provide a moving support and comfort for the ever-changing lifestyles and activities of a woman. The best part is that it is made to resemble a sports bra but way more comfortable, flexible and better in terms of definition. One special feature to highlight is the use of a Flexi Fit technology to create the flexi-support panels and also the 2-tone elastic support for the shoulder straps, sides and underneath the bust. 

Flexi Bra is naturally weaved with the White Bamboo Charcoal nylon for stimulation of blood circulation, extra absorption and ventilation purposes. The micro-holed within the charred bamboo also have an antibacterial functions to effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce smell while you sweat. Details like breathable sponge, flat seams for chafe resistance and seamless cups are further added for a second skin feel. 

Personally, I love this due to its wide reinforced underband. Comparing to other sports bra, the flexi bra's underband is considered extremely thick which not only it makes it comfortable and gives additional support but also looks slimming to the body. It is just unfortunate that I can't wear this everyday like a normal bra because it's not meant for replacing our everyday bra. 

black sports bra

They only have the basics of black or nude to choose from but size ranges from S to XL with a price of RM159 for 2 pieces. 

Just FYI, other than the Flexi Bra, they also have Haute Slim Pant and Haute Slim Capri too which are designed to fit and slim your entire waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. The form-fitting pants swear to keep the muscles warm for a stylish, effective and permanent weight loss. 

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