Monday, September 30, 2013

Face Factor Clinic | Cellulite Massage [Review]

Massage room


I was called back for a massage review after the SilkPeel Treatment, you can read about that review here. How could I say no to a body massage, everyone needs them once is a while to release tension on the back and everywhere else. For me, I always love a good neck, shoulder, back and hand massage because I'm always facing the computer during and after work. I'm a writer and a blogger, work and play seems the same to me. D: No wonder my shoulder and back aches a lot. 

They gifted me a cellulite massage that is worth RM300. However, if you are on a first trial, you get 50% off! 

This one and a half hour treatment starts off with concentrated aromatic scrub to cleanse the skin before applying slimming oil together with himalaya sea salt. Then I get detox under a hot blanket for half and hour before cleaning me up with warm water and work on the cellulite massage with 2 therapist at one go using slimming oil. 

Sara Shantelle | Head CPR & more! [Review]

Girl holding bottle


Who's up for a CPR for your head? Lols, yeah sound weird but damn I love that stuff. I received a couple of products from Sara Shantelle to review and here's what they've sent me. 

No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy 
OXY Whitening Mask
H2O Collagen Facial Foam
H2O Crystal Healing Gel
Ultimate Makeup Removal

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A FIT Lifestyle with Neubodi Flexi Bra!

sports bra

Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life. 

Introducing the new Neubodi Active Flexi Bra, aiming to empower women to indulge comfortably in a fit and healthy lifestyle! 

I am a huge fan of sports bra for not only it can be used for support during work out but also, I love using them replacing my tubes or tank tops. Is a fashion piece of its own. 

Face Factors Clinic [Review]

Funny face


I was recently invited by Face Factors Clinic to review their service and SilkPeel DermallInfusion treatment. The staff was friendly and the lady helped me to understand about the process and helped me to take pictures during the treatment. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Darlie Expert White!

Get your professional teeth whitening done here and cheap! 

You have the looks, the body and the perfect smile to die for, but the only thing keeping you from smiling with teeth showing is that unpleasant looking stained teeth. Bleaching or any other treatments are not an option due to the cost that might burn a hole in your pocket and regular whitening toothpaste just don't seem to be enough. Maybe you can try this next, Darlie Expert White toothpaste is said to be able to give 3 times whiter teeth as compared to other regular fluoride toothpaste. Here's how...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Time [Movie Thoughts]


I really love the poster, they looked genuinely happy. Though, I think the they could have done better than just settling with the title 'About Time'. It's short and sweet but we can derive so many meanings from that, whether we thought that this movie is going to be about time itself or it is trying to tell us that it's about time to do something you want to do. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I found my right fit with Neubodi!


Did you know that only 20% of women have experienced the right fitted bra? Fuh, that makes me part of the normal 80% beauties that are wearing the wrong size. Or maybe, we are not exactly wearing the wrong size of bra but we are not wearing the right everyday bra that is designed to support your bust well. Don't judge, nobody told me that half cup is not meant for everyday wear. I only thought strapless and stick-ons were the dangerous ones so we only wear them for parties and functions that usually last for a couple of hours. Till I found Neubodi. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Winners of the LivingSocial's Travel Contest [event]

Yup, we've all just missed out on the sweeptakes and stand a chance to win a Luxury Stay at Swiss Garden International Hotels, Resort and Inns.

The contest was conducted online from 3rd July till 25th July 2013 and four lucky enthusiasts among more than 3000 people who entered were chosen and rewarded with all inclusive 3D2N stay at one of these four locations below:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Zalora x River Island Launch Party [Event]

Ohla! celebrated the recent arrival of River Island to the e-commerce hub's extensive catalog of fashion labels. The highlight of the event was the River Island Autumn Winter 2013 fashion show, of course. Other than that, there's really nothing much to do other than catching up with friends and take pictures. That's partially why I don't very much favor Fashion Shows because a 2 hours event will be equivalent to 1.5 hours waiting, 10-15 minutes intro + speech and 15-20 minutes fashion show, the end and we all say bye bye. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celcom ESCAPE | Your World of Entertainment [Advertorial]

Irresistible moments. Unmissable events. 
Always yours at

Damn, as a writer myself, that is one good tagline they have there. Making you feel as if literally everything we ever wanted is under our control, your world of entertainment is in your hands. With ESCAPE, you don't have to worry about forgetting certain devices or afraid of having that device battery die on you at your most valuable point when the main actor in the movie is going to make a move on the main actress. As long as you have internet, you can now pause and play across any devices, anytime, anywhere.  

Escape Homepage on PC

Friday, September 13, 2013

Current Skincare Routine [Updated]


I'm sorry to say that I am one of those crazy girl with more that one set of skincare regimen. I understand some will say that one set of products with many steps is bad enough but to have multiple products in one step is just too much. Well too bad, I can't help it, I love beauty and skincare, is what I do.

Though, you must first know that even though I have multiple products, those are just choices for mood and what I need at that moment. I don't use all of them at one go, it depends on my skin needs that day. Different product works differently and serves a different purpose.

Also, I prefer using different brands as not every product from a certain brand fits my skin type and needs. Certain product works well but some don't, I always believe in picking the best of the best that works for my skin. It really doesn't have to be all from the same line or brand or company, of course they will say use all from the same brand better so they can sell more. It's not totally untrue but so far, I have not found a particular brand with the best of everything. Even in Cleo Brand Awards or any Brand Awards out there, you don't see the same brand wins for all the categories.

So here goes, my "humble" skincare routine...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mistral Shea Butter Lavender [Review]

multi purpose balm


We have a product from France today and it smells totally awesome, only if you like lavender scent. I am a huge fan of lavender scent in candles, bath, body, essentials and aromatherapy oils. Don't mind them in skincare but hate them in food & beverages. I've always feel lavender is meant for exterior purposes only like making your room smells nice, making you smell nice and to calm your mind and soul. 

Yes! Nurse - Protect Your Lovely Hands [Review]

Let's talk hands today! 

Honestly, this blogpost is way overdue. When I'm about to write a review, I will really need to find the time to sit in front of my laptop and hit those alphabets. 

When I was contacted by Mon Fong from The Love Jars a month ago, I was really intrigued by their adorable logo and nicely layout website. They do not have much variety of products but they are all pretty reasonable in price. I personally am drawn to the Bath & Body tab as the page displayed pictures of products that are looking extremely stunning in their good quality packaging. I was also very happy to see a candles section but it was unfortunately to see a lonely Citron Verbena Les Sentiments Gift Candle staring back at me calling me "Buy Me, I smell like citrus & I know how much you love that" D: I almost died in there. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Love Asia 2.0 Tickets Giveaway


My awesome-powsome mysterious friend is giving you all a chance to win tickets to We Love Asia and here's how you do it. 

Things to do: 

  1. Follow this blog
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  5. Share this blogpost on your FB page and write this "I'm going to We Love Asia all thanks to JQ's mysterious friend for the tickets!
FINALLY, comment on this blog post with your:
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The first 7 comments with all things required done will win themselves two [2] tickets for We Love Asia! Which means, 7 of my readers gets a chance to win these tickets!

  1. Winners will receive a confirmation email from me. I will also announce them on my instagram. So please check emails and stalk me on instagram for the 2 days. 
  2. Winner are to collect the tickets from me from my office near Citta Mall/Ara Damansara either on 5th September 2013, 2pm-4pm or 6th September 2013, 10am-12pm. Office details will be stated in the email. 
All The Best!


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Monday, September 2, 2013

SunMed Opens Aesthetic & Laser Centre [Event]

Sunway Medical Centre launched its latest centre of excellence, the Aesthetic & Laser Centre which makes the a complete medical centre with a diverse range of medical and surgical disciplines.

This centre is located on level 2 at SunMed and is designed to be a beauty medical centre that provides both surgical and non-invasive treatments for the skin, face and body. Some of these treatments include removal of wrinkles, fine lines, facial and body hair, tattoos, facelift, breast and body procedures.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maybeline New York The Rocket Mascara [Event]

Hey y-all!

When I first got my invite for the new ROCKET MASCARA Launch, I was punching my fist in the air like a football fan when their favorite football team scored a goal. Prior to the event, I was already watching and reading loads about this new mascara.