Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zespri Kiwi 14-day Amazing Challenge [Aftermath]

I've Made It!

Today is the last day of the Zespri 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge and at least 28 kiwi fruits were consumed by me, myself and I. Of course, sharing is caring, so I've shared these sweet kiwi fruits to my colleagues, family and friends. More that 30 kiwi fruits have been shared with the people around me and everybody love the taste of Zespri kiwis. Check out my first blogpost on this challenge.

Girl eating kiwi

Most of the time, I snack on Zespri kiwi late at night because it is healthy and I don't have t worry about getting bloated the next day. In fact, it has helped me with digestion and smooth bowel movement. I personally like to consume kiwi that are not so ripe because I like it better when it still has that tinge of sourness in them. 

I've also consumed them with yogurt to add more flavor. Literally, just by eating that 1 small bowl of kiwi + yogurt is good enough to make my tummy smile all morning. 

Other than eating them, kiwis are also known for its amazing goodness for your skin. Thus, I've also wrote a blogpost on DIY Kiwi Face Mask. Check it out here. 

I'm truly thankful throughout the 14 days of unlimited supply of kiwi fruits. It was my first time tasting kiwi out of the actual fruit. Most of the time, I only see kiwi fruits on cakes which I don't even bother eating them. Thanks to this challenge, not only I'm able to experience the goodness of the fruit but also became more informative of this fruit. I've learnt something out of this amazing challenge. Honestly, coming from a family who are encouraged to consume fruits everyday, kiwi is underrated just because this fruit is considered too expensive. Thus I never got the chance to try them until I'm 23-years-old. If you really know is packed in that little oval potato looking fruit, you will be willing to spend that little extra to kill your cravings. 

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I've done my part and now is your turn. 

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