Monday, August 5, 2013

Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-On [Review]

eye roller product

Yeah, this tube looks nice and fun with metal roller ball and cute name but I don't feel that it does much at all. To be honest, I think this will only really work with people experiencing severe puffy eye bags. So far I have not seen it help much in lightening dark circles but during those times after tearing heavily due to some douchebag or sad korean movie, it really helps in de-puffing those horrible bags. 

The metal roller ball thing really makes it incredibly cooling even without sticking it in to the fridge. The Yeast Extract helps to de-puff the bags while the Hoelen Mushroom Extract helps to calms the skin to keep visible redness from settling in. It seems to also have Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract to help with hydration but I see those ingredients assisting more on the reducing redness and help to cool down the under eyes.

The gel liquid feels so light to almost nothing on the skin which makes padding into the skin a breeze. However, to those with rather sensitive under eye skin like mine, in bad days, you will feel it sting the skin a little. So it is not exactly for everybody. 

It doesn't really have any distinct smell to it which is great because some people hate that it smells like something. I'm just saying. :)   

In conclusion, it's great for people who has puffy eyes and problems with redness and maybe it can help with dark circles if you use it long enough. This is a product for specific needs, not a product to treat all your under eye problem. Come on, name me one product that does it all. So far, there's none. So this product is not for everybody but some people may appreciate it more than I do because they require a specific product like this to help with their under eye issues. :) It's a love it or hate it product.

It cost RM120 for a 15ml tube and you can get them at any Origins store.

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