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LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask [Review]

LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask


Hey Fabulous, 

This is one of the most interesting mask I have ever seen so far. It is so weird and cool that everybody has it. It's not like any other mask sheet that I have seen or tried before, its going to change the way you do your mask. 

Let me start by introducing the word Bio Cellulose, it is known as 'artificial skin' which was medically used as a substitute for skin to treat various types of wounds and burn injuries. However, in these modern days, it's used as an intensive moisturizing topical treatment that delivers beneficial ingredients into the skin. 

LUDEYA combined bio cellulose technology and exclusive seanol (brown seaweed extract) essence, producing the Bio Cellulose Mask that gives intense hydration, leaving skin feeling moisturized, radiant and more youthful looking. 

Face mask

This mask sheet is extremely big, way too big for my face actually and the holes for the eyes and mouth is almost none. You will need to stretch them out a little when applying on the eyes and mouth. The material is super thin but doesn't tear easily because it is rather rubbery, not cloth or tissue sheets. It is sandwiched in between 2 other sheets, blue cloth and white paper. Peel the white paper first, apply on face, adjust then peel the blue cloth. Immediately, you can feel a very strong cooling effect throughout the masking period. 

second skin

This mask is created through a 21-day bio-fermentation process under a very low temperature to form Skin Gel, whose 3-dimensional structure make-up closely resembles the human skin. This allows the mask to easily bond with the skin. Literally, sticks on your skin. I can now multitask and do what else I want while having this mask on. A lot of my mask sheets requires me to lay down upon application so that it stays on my face but with this, I get to continue surfing on my computer, clean my room a little while having it on. It clings on to the skin so well like glue. 

mask on face

It is recommended to leave it on for 20-30 minutes. I left it until most parts are dry and mask becomes like thin paper and difficult to remove it in one piece. My skin still feels cooling after removing it and it doesn't leave any residue like most mask do, so no rinsing is necessary.

LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Masks comes in 4 types and unfortunately buying a box doesn't give you all four types. It comes in a box of 3 same type of mask and it is available in Sa Sa outlets at RM65.90. 

#Fun Fact: Apparently S.H.E. Selina Jen was a burned victim in 2010 and was hiatus for 3 years. She was using this to help her with the recovery and shifted the destiny of her skin! So that's what happened to the MIA S.H.E. group. I thought they just grew apart. 

Happy Masking! 

This mask was given by Sa Sa for review

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