Tuesday, August 6, 2013

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara [Review]

A made in Japan mascara for your brow... is about time! With this we can now skip the clear brow gel step to keep the hairs in place. It seems that this brow mascara is resistant to water, perspiration and sebum plus a 24 hours wear. This product comes with a really nice brush that I don't seemed to know how to appreciate it because I feel that it takes up too much of products for me which makes it hard for me to be light handed on it. 

It could be because I am rather fair and this product is too brown for me so it literally felt like I was painting my brows with crayons. It is great for shaping the brows as the colour is extremely pigmented and for some reason this brow mascara looks quite shimmery. This is quite new to me because most of the brow products are matte, though, the shimmer doesn't really shows up after applying on the brows. 

Due to it being a liquid form, it keeps your brows looking the way it is for a very long time. It doesn't goes missing that easily as pencil or powder. Not really sure if it last for 24 hours though. 

Just unfortunate it is not in my colour and I'm not planning to get any tan, I would have probably be in love with this. I'm not sure if they sell them in other colours though, it could have been a perfect brow mascara. I'm sure it will work well for others with darker skin tone. 

I think you can get them in Sa Sa and Watson at a retail price of RM42.90


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