Friday, August 23, 2013

Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any Cushion [Review]

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Hello my friends from all over the world! 

The genius idea of compact cushion foundation was first introduced back in 2008 but with the main concept of sunblock + foundation as selling points. Unfortunately, I was 18 back then with very little knowledge about skincare, cosmetic and certainly was not updated with the daily news of the latest technology for makeup. However, I do have the feeling that the original cushion was not known to the Malaysian market as Korean makeup was not all the rage as it is now. 

To start of, I'm a huge fan of Etude House when it comes to Korean makeup, definitely one of my favorite Korean brand of all time. I still remember myself describing it as the Pink Shop in Sunway Pyramid during my college years. 

Unfortunately, when I first got a call to review this Precious Mineral Any Cushion, my mind kept pondering on the "Any" for the "Cushion". Seriously, Etude should start hiring a copywriter specialized in product naming because the name of the product is crucial as part of the deciding point of the consumers' purchase. I myself have been victimized many times by the evil cuteness of product packaging and catchy names that made me walked out of a store happily swinging an adorable paper bag back and forth. Whether the product works or not, is on a whole different topic. 

cushion foundation

I love that the mirror is super big and it has a separate place to keep the puff. I can't say much about the container as most compact products are in plastic containers. It's alright, not too cheap feeling. 

I do really like the blue Air Puff. It's made out of Rubycell and Polyurethane which minimizes the contents absorption yet still be able to pick up a good amount of product. With this Air Puff, we are encouraged to pat the foundation instead of gliding it all over the face.

It gives quite a good amount of coverage and I love that it is very hygienic, comes very handy during those rushing days when I only apply makeup in the car. No mess, no fuss, no dirty fingers on my face, just keep patting. SO freaking easy and it does make your skin looks nice with a soft focus effect plus instantly brightens up your face with just one touch. I also personally thinks that it's quite photoready too. Though, I will be careful on not over applying this product as it does lead to making your face looks cakey, especially on the first try. Don't be to generous in splashing your face with this foundation. 

Other plus points of this product would be the almighty greatness of SPF 50/PA +++, sebum control, and whitening. 

My main concern would be if people are willing to buy this compact at the price of RM109.90? Personally, I feel that it's quite pricey and I can't quite justify the purchase when the cushion doesn't look like it contains a lot of product in it. 

Unless you are the always-on-the-go person and really do not have time to make up in front of a full mirror type of girl, then fine, this is worth your money. If not, please go back to the old school liquid foundation/bb cream which requires application with a brush or fingers. Spending 2 minutes on your vanity will not kill you. Yes, they do have refills for this but I'm not sure about the price. 

If you keep your eyes and ears wide open and constantly stalk ETUDE HOUSE MALAYSIA FACEBOOK PAGE, you may just find yourself screaming to their amazing buy 1 free 1 sale which happens once in a while. Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any Cushion will be launching in September 2013. 

*Product was given for review*

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Cindy Tong said...

yeah quite hefty price tag....Laneige is rm40 more..

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

OMG!! That's like 2x the price of normal foundation! :X

choulyin.tan said...

Looks like it really gives nice coverage...but I'll stick to my Elianto CC Cream's too expensive :(

Nuraini Munira Jalir said...

Hi! OMG I love your review! I gotta agree with you that it is pricey. But I wouldn't mind if EH is doing combo-promo along with it.

Anyway, you have an awesome blog, I read your other posts too and hope you'll keep posting great stuffs.

xx, Mira