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Epiderme Boost Moisture Intensive Hyaluronic Moisturizer [Review]


Here am I with another moisturizer that I have been trying recently to see how it feels on my skin. Before receiving this product, I've honestly never heard of this brand before so I was rather curious to know what is it all about. 

EPIDERME is a professional skin care company from Louisiana, USA. They started with a simple mind set of wanting to provide professional skin care solution for skin perfectionist. They do this by providing highly specialized products for almost every type of skin concerns. 

The Epiderme Boost Moisture Intensive Hyaluronic Moisturizer is formulated to lubricate and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. It encourages skin's natural film forming and minimizes water loss caused by free radicals. So basically, it's another one of those products to help protect your skin from loosing water due to the environment. 

The three main active ingredients are Sodium Hyaluronate (L) that gives moisture and prevent water loss, Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide which is an extract of the seed of the Indian Senna plant that is similar to hyaluronic acid where it has protects and restructuring properties, and Fructooligossacharides (D-beta) where it works to retain an ideal amount of moisture and to support the immune system. 

I really like the packaging, it's very solid, very sturdy, this is what every high end product should feel like physically. I love that it comes in a good quality pump which makes every application hygienic and easy to control the amount of product that you want. 

It comes out as a white gel lotion along with a rather heavy fragrance to it. It does have flower extracts in it and it smells very much like jasmine which unfortunately is not really my cup of tea. The lotion is quite thick and it takes some effort to blend it into the skin but once it absorbs into the skin, it really leaves your skin feeling really smooth. It doesn't have that sticky texture and doesn't leave any residue on the skin. My only concern is that I'm not sure if it's normal for it to somewhat exfoliate my skin during application because I do experience a minor shedding of dead skin cells when massaging the lotion for absorption. Nothing serious though but maybe it's because of the minor exfoliation that makes my skin feels so smooth afterwards. 

As much as I like the smooth aftermath feeling, it's just not moisturizing enough for me to use it on its own especially at night. I can pull it off for day time because I'm forced to apply sunscreen after moisturizer which usually will make my skin look a bit more dewy. Because it doesn't leave anything on the surface, it makes the face look rather matte which I'm sure people with oily skin type would die for this product. I'm more of the dry skin gal looking for a more dewy finish moisturizer. So if I decide to use this for the night, I would probably top it off with another hyaluronic lotion just for that dewy feel on the skin. 

This product is said to also help with anti-ageing but of course I can't really tell if I look any younger at the moment but I will let you know if I do. Lols. 

This product cost RM159.00 for 50ml which is quite okay for a moisturizer. For more information, visit website: and get yourself some complimentary samples by checking out their Facebook page:

This product was sent to me for review.

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