Sunday, August 11, 2013

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Range [Event]

Everybody loves a great shower to kick start the day and to unwind before you go to bed. Bathing relaxes the mind, cleanses impurities and ensures our body stays fresh. Especially in Malaysia, weather is hot and humid, we should be taking bathes more often. No body wants to take a whiff of your body odor even though you are sizzling hot. 

Aiken has been around for a very long time, I still can remember the numerous times where my grandmother would ask me to buy Aiken's powder for her when I'm going for groceries shopping. This new Antibacterial Shower range comes in 4 unique variants which provide various functions to suit different lifestyle needs as well as providing a safe and natural enhanced protection. 

The new shower range is enriched with a combination of herbal essential oils, to enhance and boost overall protection. It is gentle and safe yet effectively eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria and delivers 24 hours protection continuously. 

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Creme Extra Protection (Blue) - total protection for the family 
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Gel Protect & Care (Green) - acne problem skin
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Creme Protect & Revitalise (Orange) - sports junkie
AIKEN Antobacterial Shower Creme Protect & Nourish (Pink) - for soft, smooth beautiful skin

It comes in 2 sizes, easy to carry 250ml bottle cost RM5.90 while 900ml bottle cost RM16.90 and it is available in all major retail outlets, hypermarkets and leading pharmacies. 

I'm not really particular about my shower creme/gel/foam/bar, as long as it doesn't makes me feel as if I did not showered after showering, I'm cool with anything. However, the additional antibacterial ingredient does makes it sounds appealing because we are exposed to all kinds of bacteria everyday which makes showering itself seems pointless, the extra protection is good. 

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