Thursday, August 1, 2013

14-day Zespri Kiwifruit challenge!

It's a daily scoop of amazing! 


Meet my new friend Zespri all the way from New Zealand. He has 2x more vitamin C than an orange and 5x more nutrition of an apple.

Studies confirmed that regular consumption of my friend here contributes to good digestive health by improving bowel habits, protein digestion, relieving bloated feeling and positively altering intestinal enzymes which may help in building natural resistance to illness. Naturally high in antioxidants to help fight against damage caused by free radicals in the body. Awesomely low in calories which is excellent addition to any weight management programme.

Simply eat 2 medium-sized Zespri Green Kiwifruit a day 4.5g fibre) and feel the amazing difference in 1 week!

Kiwi doll

The new SunGold is also freaking delicious!

This is my first time eating kiwi out of the fruit itself. I never really knew how kiwi taste like because most of the kiwi I had before was those small pieces of fruit sliced decoration on cakes and etc. Most of the time, I won't take them cause I imagine them to taste bad. Things have changed now, I love using the special smart Zespri spoon to cut, peel and scope the kiwis. These Zespri Kiwifruits are sweet, thus I prefer those slightly unripe kiwi for more sourness to suit my taste buds. 

I'm ready
I'm ready
The Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

Today marks the beginning of my kiwi goodness.

I am super duper excited because this will most probably be the most fruit consumption record in 2 weeks. So come join me in this journey of kiwi fiesta for the next 14 days. I foresee myself going to the toilet more often and hopefully a prettier looking face at the end of the challenge. Lols. So follow me on instagram (jqleejq), twitter (@jqleejq), and FB to see how I consume this unlimited supply of kiwi at home and at work. 

Good stuff are meant for sharing and berbuka puasa with! They are all loving it too even those most of us are noobs at eating kiwi from its fruit. Lols. 

It starts from now!

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Henry Tan said...

but kiwi is expensive too. =(

Swee San said...

oh i did this challenge too a few weeks ago..

Jian Quin Lee said...

Henry, I know what you mean but it taste seriously good!

Swee San, awesome!