Saturday, July 6, 2013

Timeless Truth Malaysia Replenishing & Whitening Mask in Orchid Extract [Review]

I received this mask in my first Vanity Trove box a couple of months ago and I finally took the time to try this mask out without any expectations. It's probably just another mask for me. However, it turn out to surprise me a little.

You may read the details of this mask from the packaging.

I'm not here to talk about how well the mask worked on my skin and how white my skin looks after that, come on, I can't tell after just one mask. Though, I can assure you that it is great for hydrating purpose as I used it when I was up in the hill where I tend to experience dry & peeling skin due to the cold, dry weather. My skin felt well hydrated the next day, no signs of tight, dry skin while applying my skincare in the morning after shower.

I love the design of the mask, the quilted mask sheets created the idea of comfort on your skin. Your brain is telling you "It is going to make your face as soft as a cushion". My personal favourite is when I realize that you can pull the mask all the way till your neck area and the sides of your face. My first mask experience with this mask sheet design. Genius! 

This range is actually called the V-Shaped Temptation mask. 

I can't resist, so I checked out their website: and found them to be one of the most interesting brands with unique mask sheets. This Orchid Extract Whitening mask is pretty pricey though, cost RM10 per sheet and in their website you can find testimonials but I don't know how true their testimonials are. I do recommend to at least just try the mask for one time to see if you like it or not. Masking session can now be fun!


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