Friday, July 12, 2013

SkinFood Watery Berry Mask + Ampoule [Review]

I was holding on to this mask till my forehead gets better from the crazy pimple outburst I had due to adult acne. Now that I'm settled down in one place, no more sudden change in environment and weather, my skin can finally rest and heal. It has gotten better and I'm happy about it.

I really wanted to try this because the Watery Berry range comes in extremely cute packaging that I almost wanted to buy them all. Thank God I resisted the splurge.

This mask comes in 2 steps, first apply ampoule on the face then followed with the mask sheet or you can choose to just use the mask and keep the ampoule for an everyday essence. Anyhow you use it, I don't see much difference, it will end up on your face anyway. Although it is manufactured to be used together, there's no sign or notice that it works best together to give you a healthier skin, it is just stated exclusive or extra same essence to add on to the mask. So screw everybody and use it how you feel like using :) 

The ampoule is so light weight, feels like water! I followed the instruction and massage into the skin using circular motion. Nothing much, just like putting your skin care on. I like that it absorbs rather nicely into the skin. 

Step 2 is to slap on the mask. I like reading the back to see all the claims they make and figure out what is just plain bullshit but one thing is for sure that their mask really fits like a second skin! The mask is thin enough to ensure comfort on the face, I wasn't worried that it will fall off my face. It feels quite good on but sensitive skin will feel slight tingling sensation and I don't think it is suitable for problematic skin, too much essence that might irritate the skin further. 

I was my face with water after removing the mask sheet instead of padding them in because I heard that mask helps you to draw out impurities, many didn't know that so we wanna be "kiasu" padding in all the essence left on the face. 

As a result, I do feel that it made my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. Not much glowing because I was at a higher and drier weather conditions. I think if use it for long term, you may be able to see glowy skin and maybe help lighten scars appearance. 


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