Sunday, July 21, 2013

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm in Plum Punch [Review]

I wish this lipgloss works by allowing me to drink them to keep my lips hydrated instead of layering them on my lips. Another clear gloss you might say? I agree, it is just another clear, shiny lipgloss but with a staying power of wonder-woman.

Straight up, if you hate thick, sticky lip products, this is no where near for you. Even from the tube itself, you can already foresee it to be jelly like texture with a sticky consistency. It leaves a very clear, glossy, 3D look on your lips and it stays on your lips even after eating. Of course, don't go purposely licking them. It has a very vague mint smell and does feels a bit cooling upon application. 

purple lipbalm

Hydrating Agents:

Ximenia Americana seed oil
Natural extract from the fruit of a drought-resistant tree native to the Southern Africa Savannahs. Traditionally used to soothe chapped skin, Ximenia Americana has a unique ability to preserve water. It is also rich in Ximenic Acid, known to have potent anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Jojoba Oil
Known to be emollient-rich and quick to absorb into the skin

Apricot Kernel Oil
This extract is rich in skin softening and nourishing fatty acids

Nourishing Ingredients: 

Orange Peel Wax
Derived from the rind of the orange, it protects the skin

Barley and Wheat Germ Extract
Helps build a stronger skin barrier, moisturize and prevent dryness

Aloe Vera
Rejuvenates, heals and soothes the skin

The colour may look a little intense in the tube but it is really almost clear after spreading them. I really don't need a lot to fill my lips with this because it is so thick and easily hydrates my lips but I'm not exactly sure if I am willing to pay full price for this as it is on the pricey side. Tube lip products are also a little bit more hassle because it needs your attention to squeeze just the right amount out without wasting any products. I hate leaving over-flowed products on the cap, dirty, ugly and unhygienic. Especially when I am driving, I would grab a stick balm than a tube gloss for a quick hydration to my parched lips. However, I do find myself applying them as the last step of my skincare routine before I sleep, I love how they still keep my lips hydrated after a whole night of dry,air-conditioning.

If you already have pretty looking lips with no severe damages, this is a luxury. If you have lips cracking concerns or just really worried about your parched lips, then I do highly recommend them as they really do keep them soft and hydrated for the longest time. I believe for those who is going through a phase where some medications are just drying out your skin like a mad cow, this will be a life saver!

Purple is not your thing, fear not as it also comes in Nude Nectarine (pastel nude peach) and Pink Guava (pastel pink) colour. Those would probably be more acceptable to many of you because they look extremely pretty in the tube.

Price: RM58 for 15ml tube
Launch Date: August 2013
Available at Origins Retail Stores and selected Department Stores


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j_fish said...

I usually just squeeze the lip balm on while doing other things and stop when my lips become sticky. XD And I agree that RM58 for lip balm is pricey. Even with all those benefits..