Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I was in The House of Haagen-Dazs where ice-cream is bottomless [Event]

Captivate Your Senses at the House of Haagen-Dazs as they introduced its Secret Sensations in a Pint Range. 

I was extremely fortunate to be invited to the unveiling of the largest campaign, the House of Haagen-Dazs. It brings to life its philosophy of superior craftsmanship and quality much in the way a fashion house would do. We all met up at KLCC's main entrance and were transported to the secret location like a bunch of kings & queens.

Maison Francaise was where the House of Haagen-Dazs located. Again, being treated like a true VIP, someone had to open the car door for us xD As we pushed open the house door, we were invited into a world where our sense of touch, smell, taste and sound were teased. Every aspect of the party was inspired by the attention to detail and quality that lies at the heart of Haagen-Dazs since 1961. 

To introduce their new Secret Sensation pint that combines creamy ice cream with hidden pocket of sauce, a team of Mixlogist were hired to serve us the utmost ice cream cocktails that integrated the Secret Sensations Chocolate Fondant and Creme Brulee flavours. We were asked to try everything! All six cocktails named Irresistible, Sensual, Indulgent, Sensational, Captivating and Desirable. Other than all the delightful comfort food filling our tummies, our eyes were also treated to the sexy Bradley Cooper on their new TV commercials, 'Seduction' and 'Sensational Entrance'. Our ears were too dancing to the soulful rendition of a live performance of 'Spoonful', a track written by Belgium singer Selah Sue for the House of Haagen-Dazs TV commercials.

You may now indulged in these Secret Sensations in a pint at any Haagen-Dazs Cafe or Retail Outlets at the price of RM35.50. Dine-in and Take-out creations is also available with this multi-textured dessert at RM32++(Dine-in) and RM23++(Take-out). 

The secret within these two sensational deserts: 

Chocolate Fondant
Rich chocolate ice cream speckled with bits of brownies infused with pockets of decadent chocolate sauce.

Creme Brulee
Multiple hearts of sweet caramel sauce hidden in folds of smooth and luscious creme brulee ice cream blended with caramelized sugar. 

Chocolate Fondant

Creme Brulee

This lady was freaking lucky to have won 1 year supply of Haagen-Dazs. I wanna die D:

Thank you Haagen-Dazs for the fantastic event. It was definitely a delightful evening with so much of unforgettable indulgence with elegance. 

Haagen-Dazs Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/haagendazsmalaysia 


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Sherry said...

wow so grand!!


Joy Tan said...

hey, do a blog post on orange lipsticks maybe? or perhaps nude lipsticks. Which one will you recommend?