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FreshLook ColorBlends in Turquoise by [Review]

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Hello all my beautiful and handsome readers, 

I'm sure you have heard of FreshLook colored lenses and some even experienced them before. This is my first time trying FreshLook Color Blends contact lenses. I have mine in turquoise because I am bias towards green eyes people, totally love them. There's just something so attractive when I look into humans with real green eyes, so this is the closest I can get for being a green iris-ed chick.

I'm not sure if you realized it or not but people with lighter iris tends to look fairer than people with darker iris. In some ways, you get an instant yet natural skin brightening remedy without doing anything other than popping a fresh pair of light coloured contacts. For us is easy because an average Malaysia civilians are born with dark brown or black iris, thus any color that we buy will definitely be lighter than your natural eye color. I can't say for mine though, I'm not your average Malaysian with light brown iris. xD (Che Wah... Angkat bakul sendiri) 

girl with green eyes

Vainest aside, day one wearing these lenses were awesome as it was fresh out from the package. Comfortable and lasted for 8 hours without feeling dry. However, the first few hours did made my vision decreased (the colored part was blocking my vision a bit) as it usually takes some time for the lenses to properly set onto your eyeballs. It's common. 

It got drier faster on my second wear, for some reason, its just wasn't as long lasting comfort as the first wear. I could only wear them for about 6 hours and I have to take it out before getting into trouble with my eyes. I think is just the issue with my eyes, I do have friends wearing colored lenses for long hours without any problems. This could be due to the fact that my eyeballs shape is not very compatible with the curve of the contacts. Thus, I can't wear them for long. I've checked my eyes before and at least that is what the optician said. 

One thing I love about this contacts is the design of the color. It is not the big eyes fake looking design, it is made to make our eyes look natural. Agree with me that not everyone can work the big eyes look, some are just plain scary with them. Worst when they have some funky weird design on it. This is a great alternative for them. 

green contact lens

Asian chick tries to look European

When sourcing colored lenses online, just make sure that they are reliable as there's too many news out there of people losing their eyes because they bought contacts from an unknown source. We have the freedom in Malaysia to buy all the cheap lenses we want without prescriptions but better be safe than sorry.

I got my contacts from Glasses Online Malaysia and they have a wide range of quality products from the most popular brands for their customers. You can find, buy and customize your prescription contact lenses, and have them delivered to your doorstep for free! Their service is rather quick plus the people are friendly. Other than contact lenses, they also do sell other eyewears such as sunglasses and glasses too.

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