Sunday, June 30, 2013

Worthy Book Ladies Edition [Review]

As a typical Malaysian, I too, am a sucker for vouchers & discounts. Honestly, I am the type of person will just grab it even when I have no idea what the voucher is for. If you have heard of the show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC Astro, you should know that the people in the ang moh country have "real" vouchers/coupon. They get real discounts or benefits, not something that you can find in Malaysia. Just like the consumer, the people who sells the products are just as cheapo.

Thanks to the amazing technology and wide sources of high-speed internet, I find myself heavily rely on websites for good deals. Literally, I'm a pycho for things like Groupon, Living Social, MyDeal, MilkaDeal, Lelong Newsletter, Reebonz and many more. You will probably be wondering, don't they clog, or shall I say SPAM your email? Yes, most definitely! And I have no plans to defend or provide any justification on this matter because I admit that I have a serious problem with voluntarily sign-up for newsletters. I put the blame on being a gen-Y baby because I have FOMO syndrome! I have the fear of missing out on good deals and good discounts, I get agitated when I hear about other people finding good deals but I didn't. The best part is, for the things that I may not need or I may not even buy. I just like the idea of knowing that there was a good discount for that particular item.

So when I got my hands on Worthy Book (the ultimate discount/voucher booklet), it felt as if a baby was dropped by a crane into my physical mailbox. I was definitely excited to receive it, especially when I know it is the women's edition where all you will find is beauty &  fashion. 

There goes that ugly brown envelope for I have torn it like my dog chews on my favorite slipper and slipped out that shiny coral with pink undertone cover. I carefully flipped those pages as I don't want to ruin any of that precious vouchers. However, I realized that my flips became faster and faster and not because I am overly excited to see what is more but is because I can't seem to find anything I want or anything that I might use. When I got to the end of the book, I sigh with a question "That's it?" and threw the book on my bed.

Until today, I had to reach out to it for a more in-depth analysis because I'm way overdue on this blogpost. Among the many items/discounts/vouchers from this Worthy Book, I managed to picked out 2 vouchers that I may, may only r, use.

I will most probably buy the eye mask even though I still think is expensive. 

Manuka Honey is known to be good for health. I may buy them if they taste as good as my Australian Honey that I'm so used to. 

Each page serves one brand, introducing their brand, details on their stores/location and why Worthy Book love them which I find it interesting with added great personal touch. Nicely done. At the sides of the page is where the worthy part of the book located, 4 vouchers is prepared for each brand with some may be duplicated vouchers. The vouchers are easy to tear (no ruler needed) and all the T&C-s are neatly stated at the back of the vouchers.

I don't deny that they had put in lots of effort into getting so many brands and coming up with the entire magazine. I personally feel that it is genius to get all vouchers into one book but maybe not so much of this edition. They have loads of brands that provide facial, hair and spa salon services. I feel that a lot of the vouchers can be found online and some of them stated in their T&C that you have to purchase a certain amount and above to be entitled for the discount. However, the difference of this book as compared to the online vouchers is that their validity is super duper long, which is an awesome thing! Some can last up till next year March/April. You don't see that online! They also included accurate contact details and social sites at the back of the voucher page, another plus point for that.

I personally would like it better if they have more vouchers for brands that are more commercial and known for skincare products and cosmetics. Also, it would be great if they have more fashion brands because they only had 4 in the entire book.

Before this edition, Worthy Book launched their first edition with F&B vouchers which personally, I do think that I would be more interested in that because everybody needs to eat and what's better to eat than to eat at a place with discounts. I will find them to be more useful than the women's edition. 

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William K said...

Disagree, my gf loves it though, especially the Sothy's, Ecoparadise, Decleor, Sinma, Himalaya vouchers

William K said...

My gf loves it though, esp the Sinma, Decleor, Sothy's, Bluunis and Himalaya vouchers

Jian Quin Lee said...

William, it is great that your gf loves it :) Different ppl have different needs. I just dont feel that this ladies edition is for me. I think I would prefer the Food edition.