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Vanity Trove x Avene Pink Carpet Beauty Workshop [Event + Review]

Avene, from nature for the perfect care of sensitive skin. 

If there is one thing I've learned from these few years of beauty blogging, it will be understanding that my skin is problematic but not overly sensitive. Just because you have a bit of redness and product tingles on your face upon application, it doesn't mean that you should label your skin as sensitive. There are people out there suffering from real hyper sensitive skin conditions. So spare your tears cause nobody is going to be bothered of your mild skin sensitivity issues.

Vanity Trove , a beauty box company invited me to join a fun workshop with Avene. For a person who is no stranger to this brand, I kind of knew what was going to happen. Few days before the event, I kept day-dreaming of how I will lavishly drown my face in that Thermal Spring Water! The skin on my face is extremely parched and wants to be a spoiled brat to enjoy the finest H2O on earth.

If I have a list of "Brands that have the best samples", Avene will be in that invisible list that I wrote. Most of their tiny samples are in bottles and not sachets! Making it so much more travel friendly and hygienic. I dislike sachets samples because they are going to be nakedly exposed to air and come on, you should know we do not have the cleanest air in Malaysia.

So they prepared a full range of samples for us admire before digging in during hands-on session. Of course, we don't get to try every single product, we only took/used/shared the items that are suitable to our skin type. :) Except the Thermal Spring Water, we each have our very own!

The location that they picked was interesting and far for me, only for me because I stay in a extremely far place. Lols. Cafe Barbera is located in Bangsar, somewhat along the all so busy Lorong Maarof. It was a beautiful house like cafe with a twist of European style which totally suits that days workshop theme. Well, for me, I was just extremely happy they had good coffee because I choose to attend the morning session and I wasn't fully awake yet.

I don't know about you but for me, every workshop I go, I always want to skip the boring part about the introduction, what is it, blah blah blah..... Unfortunately, I can't just stand and shout "Move on already, nobody understands the technical part of your presentation!!!" Lols, I have to keep my reputation as a blogger. So most of the time I pretend to be extremely interested by keeping my eyes on the presenter. I also love to keep the Q&A session fun for me by asking loads of questions that matters. Organizers love that. 

Yeay *Clap hands* Let's get masking!

My table was filled with awesome bloggers :D

First: Cleanse
Common, everybody used Avene Cleansing and Make-up Remover Micellar Lotion. 
It was a nice and cooling toner but works only for the face. To remove makeup such as suncsreen, bb cream, foundation and lips. You can't get shit out if you try to remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara. 

Second: Mask *with expensive water
Now the trick is to spray an ocean of Avene Thermal Spring Water to the mask. It has to be soaked in wetness or it won't stick to your face. So don't be stingy and just keep spraying. 

Then spray on your face....

And let the face meet the mask full of spring water goodness. If you think it is not wet enough, keep spraying and pat the mask on your face as needed. For eye mask, soak 2 cotton pads with spring water and gentle leave it on the eyes. 

ChoulYin getting the mask on.

Sarah kicking back and relax for 15 minutes before removing the mask. 

Third: Toning
I'm using Avene Gentle Toner because I have dry to combination skin. 

Fourth: Moisturizes
I used Avene Hydrance Optimale Light for day and was advice to use Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich for night because the consistency of the products are different. Rich is more like a cream while Light is more like a lotion. Then for day time, top it off with Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+

Any queries, you may consult the experts at Avene Facebook Page

Thank you Avene & Vanity Trove for the amazing day! 

A little spoiler, Vanity Trove is going to have major revamp in the way your receive the items in the beauty box. I can't tell much, you have to wait for it to be announced at their website:


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