Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sunplay SPF 75 PA++ Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock [Review]

3 Words:

I was preparing for Redang and found out that I'm running low on sunscreen. Either that or my hands got itchy just wanted to try this freaking cool looking product. Seriously brands out there if you are reading this, I'm not going to lie, it is super easy to trap us in buying your goods. You can start with packaging and claims stated on your products. 

For a hot weather like Malaysia, just by looking at those penguins and snow flakes, people will already buy for everyday usage, what more buying it for a beach holiday. That "watery cool" & "cooling sensation" description made me yearn for that bit of winter luxury beneath the scorching sun even though it last just for that few seconds. I'm contented. 

Key words:
Moisture retention
Reduce appearance of fine-lines & wrinkles
Vitamin C

*Celaka copywriter*

It becomes even cooler when it is a product with a spray nozzle *and the crowd starts cheering* It is more fun to use just because cream is boring. Though, it is harder to control cause it is so easy to spray everywhere, thus more products are being used up faster. Blarhhhhhh...... 

The product is clear and watery looking, padding into skin is still needed and no, they lied on the packaging. It is greasy but not too bad, it is expected for a product with SPF 75. 

Finally, before ending this post, I honestly can't remember if it really gives an icy feeling to my skin after applying because all I cared about during the trip was "I don't want to get sun burn & I don't want to get skin cancer". It totally slipped my mind about "it" supposed to be "cooling".... I really can't recall... it could just be a psychological thing that it made us feel cooling after applying when it really doesn't. I don't know. Oh yeah, it cost a bomb fyi, I got it from watson at RM40++. Think before you buy.


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