Thursday, June 13, 2013

PeriPera Tint Water [Review] Works like Juice....

Packager suckers STOP here and DON'T GO on reading because I bet by the end of this blogpost you will just want to run out and get one of these freakishly cool baby. 

I've heard so much about the Benefit Benetint but I've never reach out to them because they are just insanely expensive for an average working gal like me. I don't see why I should spend so much on cosmetics, I would rather pay more for skincare. I wouldn't exactly say this PeriPera Tint Water is cheap but it wasn't burning a hole in my pocket either. I got it at RM49++ if I'm not mistaken at Watson because I was unfortunately lured by their remarkably darling packaging of unbalanced eyes to mouth to head to body proportion. Aren't they a cutie? :D

I, too very much in love with their matte box with incredibly lushes name for each product. Like mine, its called "Cherry Juice"..... Who doesn't want their lips to look as if they have just eaten cherries? We have to give a big applause for their sense of branding *clap clap clap*

My PeriPera Tint Water in Cherry Juice comes in a glass bottle (Thank God!) with an ordinary doe-foot applicator. Now don't be scared by the colour from the bottle because it does look exactly like blood. I mean just see the picture below, don't it look like I poked my skin with a needle and blood starts to flow out? YES! If you can't stand blood, please pick another colour. 

The after blending effect is great because it doesn't disappear/fade the colour too much. I like that it is still visible to my skin even just one dab. I won't have to keep applying more product on. It dries off rather quickly and I have to say when it stain, it stains well. It takes an effort to remove the tint from my skin. Not exactly a bad thing because these days we do love long lasting product, I personally don't like the idea of bringing my lipstick out to keep re-applying it. I love moisturizing lipstick but damn they are like a child, you need to keep an eye of them. I remember myself keep checking on my lips to see if my lipstick is still there or not. Ups & Downs, moisturizing but not long-lasting and vice versa, this tint is long-lasting but horribly dry to the lips. You must, must , must apply vaseline/balm after using this tint on the lips. 

This is perfect to make that gradient lip trend introduced by the Koreans these days. Fabulously beautiful. Also, tints can always double-up as cheek tints/blusher, giving yourself a long lasting rosy cheeks. 

And no, I have not tasted them yet, so I don't really know if it taste like juice or not. Let me know if you have. :D 


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Mizu said...

Others said that it is comparable to the Benetint one :D Look good on you :)

Life's like this ♥ said...

Hahaha! I know right, I've bought one as well coz couldn't resist the cute package :D It tastes like bitter guard juice hahahha

Caroline said...

oh dayum! i shud really get it that time! I was reluctant to buy and ended up didnt buy it after think and standing there for like 20mins. -_-