Friday, June 21, 2013

Maybeline The Magnum "Cat Eyes" Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara [Review]

Get the fullest cat eyes look with fiercely feminine lashes!

Maybeline New York wants you to have the fiercest cat eyes look where lashes are full and super-spiky. This mascara is all about giving your lashes a fiercely feminine treatment so lashes will look so lush and fabulous, with volume so intense and wild. All this with just one stroke of the brush! 

Really? Super-spiky lashes? I don't want to poke my boyfriend when kissing him D:  Plus, can you see if the leopard mascot for this mascara below has any sort of lashes at all? Maybe we should put some mascara on it to make it more obvious. 

I mean how much more can a mascara do? Now you're telling that it can make my eyes look as fierce & wild as a Black Panther? That would be so sexy, wouldn't it. 

The packaging is nice, neat, yellow with animal prints around the cap. I think the most important part is to know that inside is packed with Lush Collagen Film Formula and apparently the brush is called "The Claw Brush". Don't play-play!

It is said that the collagen-enriched formula coats lashes with both holding and building ingredients for a lifted and arched look. It also builds on lash volume with its fibres to fill in the gaps for full-on intensity. Lashes is apparently filled out up to 7x more volume for that fabulous cat eyes effect.

As for the "Claw Brush", the curve of the brush is the deal breaker. It follows lash shape for maximum curve as well as to spike out the lashes. Its short bristles help deposit a large amount of mascara on lashes, and its twisted bristle capture and fully extend lashes to the corner.

I personally feel that it works well to separate my lashes, fans it out and keeping it curled all day long. It is super waterproof which you will find it a pain during removal, is a must to use oil based remover for this mascara. Rather smudge-proof as I don't see any major smudging and I kinda do believe that it can last on your lashes for 24 hours because after a long day out, I actually still see it holding up well. However, it is not as full as I thought it would be, only maybe after 2 coats you be able to see the full lashes. I actually do like the Claw Brush, it works very well on my upper lashes but I think I find it a bit too complicated for my bottom lashes, it couldn't grab hold as much as the upper lashes. It doesn't weight down my lashes, thus is great for all of you with medium to long lashes. Trust me, this is great for long hours wear. I've yet to try this underwater but I believe it will work great too. 

Failed Cat-Eyes Look. 

In conclusion, I like it for it being extremely waterproof, fans out my lashes really well, doesn't clumps as much till it annoys me and loving it for being so long lasting. A good mascara to have but don't expect it to give you that cat eyes look, it takes more effort than just a mascara to do that. Dislike, to put in effort removing this mascara. D:

You may find it nationwide for a recommended retail price of RM35.90.


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