Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Korean Eyebags Trend [Thoughts]

Please help me to understand what is with this new eyebags trend. I understand that it looks cute & young for some people, especially celebrities [subjected to Korean Celebs only, angmoh can't pull this trend off] just because they look good in almost anything but we can't say that "woohoo, they are doing it so I'm doing it" kind of shenanigans. Please la, it may not suite your face type okay, most of us bourgeois have face problems.

I'm extremely in awe when I see of such products being produce to encourage such trends. Interesting fact of demand and supply. To me, when I see pictures such as on top, I will still say "she is damn pretty but her eyebags are obvious, maybe she needs to de-puff her eyebags." 

And hey, tips and trick for fake eyebags, apply darker shadow below and white shadow above the dark shadows. Tadaaaa..... mild eyebags..... OR just cut down on your beauty sleep OR get your boyfriend to make you cry the night before for that natural look.

*Fine, maybe I'm just being a sour grape cause I don't think I can pull it off. Blarh...... 

Photo source: Google

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LauraLeia said...

You are not alone, JQ....

Sycookies said...

Lotsa pattern..