Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yogurt, anyone? [Snack Plate]

I love yogurt, especially berries flavored yogurt but I'm not of a plain yogurt type. A lot of times I do realized that hotel breakfast or buffet spread only have plain or maybe there's just more plain yogurt leftover if you are late for the food. Most of the time I won't grab it unless I managed to spot on a couple condiments to go with it. 

It is a 100% yes if I see strawberry jam or honey. While other flavor is just so-so, I may even choose to skip having yogurt because of that. I will mix the jam into my yogurt to add flavor. 

I also love dried fruits especially raisin, mango and apricot but I don't prefer them much being mixed into my yogurt. 

This time, I'm mixing my favorite flavor jam. I was in Kijal for work 2 weeks back and the breakfast spread was just awesome. :)

I usually prefer to eat the dried fruits while I'm having the yogurt, I don't mix them in. This is no big recipe, haha, I just want to share one of my favorite way of eating yogurt. I actually think I do like this better than packed strawberry yogurt. :D


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Kian Fai Koh said...

hahah feel like mix in more cornflakes :P

Cindy Tong said...

im enjoying my mango smoothies now!

Sycookies said...

O...this is interesting. I love pure yogurt and I take them daily for breakfast. This mix looks great.

Henry Tan said...

wowwww u make ur own yogurt!!