Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maybeline's Color Sensational in Red Porcelain [Review]

The bold color of passion, love, bravery and so much more. 
Red defines it all. 

We were always told that every girl should have at least 1 red lipstick in their makeup collection because not only it helps to make you look made up during those lazy days but also, it is perfect for seduction. The toughest part is not applying them but is the energy spent on looking for the perfect red shade for your skin tone. Trust me, not every red color suits us. Even me being fair, I have some red that I just can't pull off. 

Red Porcelain by Maybeline's Color Sensational is absolutely brilliant. It is one of the most red-red lipstick I have ever seen in my life. I love how it looks on my lips, it fits my skin tone like this lipstick was made for me. I love how it feels on my lips too, it wasn't too drying. It glides on easily due to its rather creamy texture. It is said that this is due to emollient waxes, which melts upon contact to protect our lips against dryness.

The color is extremely pigmented and it does finish off slightly shiny, not extremely glossy. You will still need to add a clear gloss for that 3D lips but then again, I prefer bold lips to be matte. The lipstick is also claimed to have antioxidants, minerals and vitamin E. The toughest part is probably to keep the lipstick on the lips, the lasting power is not the best because of it's creaminess of the lipstick. However, it leaves more like a stain rather than totally being rubbed off. 

Oh well, some times we just can't have it all. Pretty color and comfortable to wear but it is not very long lasting, definitely need to re-application after a while. Still I would get this for a red lipstick investment! What can I say, it is just gorgeous!


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