Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara [Review]

Say YES to Volume & NO to Clumps!

New Clump Defy Volumising mascara allows you to saturate your lashes & build stroke upon stroke of mascara to achieve more volume while maintains a beautifully separated and defined lashes, with no clumps! No more compromising needed, no more needing to choose if you want volume or clump-free lashes! Seriously!

It's true, I wasn't really expecting much out of this mascara, all I hope for is that it doesn't clump my lashes (according to the name of the mascara). I wasn't expecting much length or volume from it. On my first try, I was extremely wow-ed by it, I literally said "Damn, this is damn good, doesn't clump my lashes at all!". That time, I wasn't thinking about the length and volume yet. For me, it already set the bar high up for not clumping my lashes. I have rather natural long lashes and a lot of times, I really just want a mascara that doesn't require me to brush my lashes out with a spooly brush after mascara.

The reason for this more volume no clumps to exist is due to the new innovative brush technology. The Anti Clumps brush is Max Factor's first clump-free lash loading brush. It evenly spaced, tightly formed bristles stops clumps before they form, and hug the lashes to define and separate; whilst the brush's loading well ensures lashes are saturated with mascara to deliver a mega volume, high impact result. 

I'm not a big fan of big brushes because I feel that it is harder to get into those shorter lashes without smudging them on my lids. I did experience a few times with is and getting them on my skin. 

The applicator is not filled with real brush bristle, it looks more like long, short & fine plastic comb spiking out 360 degree. Loving it, works extremely well in separating lashes. 

Can you see how much it lengthens my lashes & making it look so much more visible!!!

From bottom view, it really lengthens, thickens & separates lashes well! 

Okay, with a great mascara comes in a "great" price, RM72 per tube. My heart dropped hitting the floor and bounces back up again. This amazing mascara cost RM72! :( Pricey........ BUT..... It really works! So how? Well, it is up to you if you are willing to invest in a good mascara or not. Plus, it comes in Black & Brown. 

Do you believe me now when I say this freaking works?!

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