Friday, May 3, 2013

I won a Getha Transforme 360 Pillow!

One of the few things that my mom taught me is to not go cheapo on your bed. The mattress, comforter and pillows are three vital goods that will either make your sleep a great one or it will just break your back and neck.

Everybody knows the importance of sleep. We need the rest after a long day at work, school or even partying, we are just humans anyway, playing hard is energy consuming too! So literally, everyone needs a comfortable bed equipped with a good quality mattress to support your body, a big sheet of warm-cuddly comforter for you to hide underneath when the lighting strikes and an amazing quality pillow to support your neck and head for a comfortable, great rest through the night.

Now I am a proud owner of the Getha Transforme 360 Pillow which I've won from Churp-Churp some time back. The grand prize was LeeHom tickets but who cares now that I can have a good sleep dreaming about him. Haha!

This pillow is made from 100% natural latex where more than 13 rubber trees are tapped to produce this pillow. So natural that it is a gift from nature. It is also said to have thousands of ventilation holes and it is recommended for stress relief!

Yes, this is a great gift idea for Mother's day and my mom don't need me to massage her neck and head as often now. :D


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Elie said...

I won also but it smells so weird and it's pretty stiff...

Switched it back for my cheopo Ikea pillow after 1 night. ><

JQLeeJQ said...

Shneep, really?? Lols, I think my mom have not use it yet.