Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Behold the Xpression by XALF [First Look into these mighty designs]

Heard of XALF?
I don't think you even know how to pronounce it correctly...

Xaxier Mah (left), Alfred Hor (right)

I believe this brand is rather news to most of you because first of all, it is not a very commercial item that you can find it anywhere and secondly, it is an extremely high end product with a top-notch service. 

Try pronouncing with me, "xa-a-al-fu....."

XALF actually comes from the co-owners name of Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor. Met them once and they are extremely down to earth people. I love chatting with them. Both good-looking dudes are very much into cosmopolitan fashion and is currently working XALF as an online label catering to bespoke footwear that boast intricate details and meticulous workmanship. 

Carrying XALF's full collection, their virtual boutique offers customization options to cater to every whim and fancy of the modern woman. Together, the creative and imaginative duo infuse every XALF creation with the sleek vibe of metropolitan cities. That includes New York's bohemian touch that applies traditional craftsmanship and meticulousness, combining vintage looks with high-society aesthetics. 

XALF is a home-grown brand with international aspirations. Classic looks are recreated with modern touch, exude an appreciation for heritage and designed with great attention to detail. In the works: fashion accessories and trinkets to add a dash of glamour to one's wardrobe. 

In short, they handmade all their shoes and specially customized them to fit each customer's feet perfectly. Take a look at their fabulous wild design, their very first collection. Now, they also came out with the Basic collection, something more wearable for everyday basis. I will blog about it soon.

Just for your info, Xavier handles more towards the business side of the brand and Alfred is more towards the designing and the making of the shoes. :D

With unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity, these babies showcases its bold footwear with a sumptuous twist. This season sees soft lamb and calf leather mixed with chic ruffles and edgy metal studs, keeping looks sophisticated and contemporary. Each Xpression commission is made using overseas and locally sourced premium materials, whereby a first-of-its-kind heel, wedge or platform height and ornamental add-ond are tailor-made to your liking. 

These collections are inspired by a Carrie Bradshaw moment as one saunters down Fifth Avenue NYC in sky-high wedges that will draw admiring looks. They are must-haves for the fashionistas who are confident, elegant and playful, all at the same time. Naturally, it's easy to forget you're shopping online. 

These are real Killer-Heels. So going-out appropriate!
More on their Basic line coming soon.
To know more about XALF and to see their online boutique, visit


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