Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Arty Professional Complexion Modifier Make Up Base [Review]

Okay, this review is long overdue but better late than never! A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend an official launch of the New Arty Professional cosmetic in Malaysia. This is a very famous brand in Thailand, I think.

Anyway, I assume this Complexion Modifier is one of the 3 Complexion Modifier that they raved about. It comes in 3 shades, Lilac (to brighten dull skin), Mint Green (to neutralize redness) & Apricot (to correct blue to purple tones, may also be great for darker skin tone for brightening). I tried all three on the back on my hands and they are all extremely moisturizing as compared to other make-up bases I've tried.

I think this is one of the product that I won from answering questions. So I got the Apricot for a detailed review.

For some reason, I am very much attracted to the clear packaging that shows the cute little balls that looks like tiny fish eggs. Lols, okay maybe that sounded rather disgusting and you probably will not apply it on your skin anymore. Don't worry, they are quite an awesome brand. Immediately, you can see how hydrating this product will be just by the looks from the packaging. 

I know it doesn't look that appealing after pumping it our from the bottle and spreading them on your skin. It also takes quite a bit of work to blend it on the skin because of the unusual consistency & texture. You may need to keep massaging them on your skin but while doing that you can actually feel the hydration goodness on your skin.

It is nice and hydrating but comparing to some other makeup base, it doesn't even my skin tone much, maybe because I am fair. I think I can see it neutralizes my dark under eyes a little and helps to keep my make up on a little longer than usual plus doing what it should do best, helping to make my foundation look nicer on my skin.

If I were to have the choice, I would love to try the purple or green one, I feel that those might help to even up my skin better. This Apricot complexion modifier doesn't really suit me. So yeah.


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missyblurkit said...

The packaging is rather interesting...I was attracted to its caviar looking bits:P

Sabrina Tajudin said...

i got the green one and i still can find my self reaching for it. i wanted to try the apricot one... hehe... i find my self look like a hulk if i applied to my whole face...

StreetLove said...

Alamak. We should swap if I knew you had the Apricot one :). I have the purple :(