Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZA Spring/Summer 2013 Eyes Groovy Palettes [Review & Tutorial]

Enhance your femininity with ZA Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection, featuring these sweet shades of Eyes Groovy eye palletes!

I received these two palletes from ZA for a review and I have been testing them out for about 1 month now. ZA's idea of choosing these colors for the palletes are for the users to achieve simple, everyday look. With Brilliant Powder Complex, the eye shadow colors give a eyes a stunning glow. Its Skin Fit formula enables the sheer, bright colors to be layered and spread on eyelids easily. They also contains Vitamin E to nourish eyelids and is dermatologist-tested.

I'm actually really glad they gave me these two sets because the colors are beautiful. Though, I would have to  disagree that they are bright colors. I personally feel that they are quite sheer which makes it perfect for everyday look. Of course, it is build-able but only with the darker shades.  

In general, they look quite matte in the pan but quite shimmery when swatched. They do cause a little bit of fall outs but it is bearable. The shadows are amazingly soft to use and easy to blend. I'm so thankful that the pan size for each color is not puny like some other quad palletes. Just because they are quads, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the size of each color. That is super depressing okay. Maybe the only thing that is missing is to install in mirror in the quad, is not a must but I would love the pallete even more because I can travel without worrying not having a mirror with me when I want to touch-up. No biggy though. 

and oh.... one lonely, miserable sponge applicator resting in a big space. 
Maybe 2 applicator would be cool. :)

Pinkish Brown shades are just lovely. I love the pink with coral undertone and the light gold is to die for, layering the gold on top of the pink is just a heavenly color of rose-gold look alike! Stunning!

Clean Gray have the most alluring navy blue and futuristic silver ever. They fit perfectly together and great of a smoking day look and a dark, stunning night party look. Such a head-turner color combination! I just have a slight problem in wondering how to add the gold in the middle to blend into those shades. The gold is slightly more pigmented that the light gold of the pinkish brown pallete. 

Check out my Romantic Tutorial using ZA Eyes Groovy Pinkish Brown Pallete! 

Each pallete cost at RM39.90 and you can find it at Watson, Guardians and major hypermarkets. :)

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cindy said...

i thought u originally already have double eyelid!! LOL

JQLeeJQ said...

HAHAHA, no no. one side Stick. sometimes only got.

cindy said...

LOL..I just got to know!!