Monday, April 22, 2013

Nuffnang #FashionFabulous plays dress up!

I Love My Team!!!!!

Lols, okay maybe I shouted too loud but I really do like my team's finish look. Seriously, we were all damn poser like crazy. They are all guys and they gave me ideas on my outifit, wahahahahaha! 

Wondering what am I raving about? Well, Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous team had a fashion gathering event last sunday at The Warehouse Cafe Art in KL. No easy to find the location but was worth it because the place looks awesomely hipster and cool for photoshoots. 

They had 3 independent apparel brands set up for us to mix match and play dress up for a little instagram contest. Winners walk away with a bag of organic goodies sponsored by Melvita, the skincare brand. The 3 apparel brands were Pestle & Mortar, and PhatCulture. 

Our mission was to grab a partner and style ourselves for a little fun photoshoot around the area. Instagram the pictures and get noticed! 

...and this is my final look! 

Cap - Pestle & Mortar
Exercise Book - Pestle & Mortar
T-shirt with HanieHidayah's picture - Pestle & Mortar 
Amazing Black & Gold body hugging Skirt - PhatCulture
High Socks - Pestle & Mortar
Canvas Shoes - Arran Foong's belonging

Lols, I look like a walking Pestle & Mortar mannequin. Well, I tried other outfits but I feel this set suits my team's theme best. We are like hipsters playing truant.Yeah, we are cool like that. Also, they are walking P&M man mannequin cause that's all they can choose from. :p and oh... I had 2 partners + 1 cute photographer KifliMally!

~Check out our pictures :D ~

Also, here's a picture with SherLynn :)

At the end of the day, we got a small goodie bag from Melvita and was so amazing to give us a super duper pretty & comfortable shirt and a cute mirror. Thank you MilkTee!!

One last crazy shoot from me :)

I had much fun! Big thank you to Nuffnang for the gathering party!
The #FashionFabulous team is getting bigger and better!


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cindy said...

love the funky look!!

JQLeeJQ said...

Thank you!