Sunday, April 14, 2013

NH Vege F'bre Plus Detoxlim [Review]

I was fortunate to get a couple of health items to try. Things such as below I don't see myself buying just for trying sake except Brands, I do have some faith in that product because my grandma introduced the Chicken Essence to me and I have been wanting to try their other products.

Today I'm going to review the NH Vege F'bre Plus by NH Detoxlim. I've never heard of it before but definitely seen them around in Guardian while shopping there.

About NH Vege F'bre Plus
NH Vege F’bre Plus is a nutritious fibre drink formulated for Asians with hectic lifestyles, imbalanced diets and weight problems. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it is a natural source of insoluble and soluble fibres that maintains bowel regularity and replenishes the body with rich botanical nutrients for general well-being. It complements any weight management program by expelling toxins out from the body, increases the body’s metabolic rate and prevents the body from absorbing excessive carbohydrate, fat and calories.

In the sample we were given 2 packets to try and I was quite excited because which girl doesn't like the idea of shortcuts to a healthy and slim body. So one fine day I opened it in the office and the first thing I realize was the smell. SO SMELLY!!! :( Serious shit, smells like my father's fish tank! Smells so green and grassy. I thought it would smell like spirulina, then not so bad la.OMGeeeeee, trust me, I stupidly still persist on drinking the weird smelling powder. 

Of course, the powder is green, quite expected. You are suppose to stir it will luke warm water, not hot water or cold water kay. That is the worst part cause it is so hard to dissolve them in luke warm water. I stir & stir & stir like crazy. I was hiding away from my colleagues somemore to prevent them from kepo-ing and asking "yer... what is that green thing in your cup" I was lazy to explain because it was already so smelly, like conquering my very own edition of Fear Factor Challenge. 

I'm sorry if the picture was unflattering because it is how it looks. Before gulping down my throat, I actually psycho myself to believe that it will taste better than it looks. Then, I tried to quickly sollow everything in one breath so I don't have to smell them. BUT NOOOOOO, OMGeeeeee, it was unbearable. I can't, I couldn't!!!!! It was just horrible :( I tried but I just can't. I forced myself to drink it until almost reaching to the bottom of the cup and that was it, I just can't take it anymore. I ran to the pantry to wash the cup and pray that the smell doesn't stay. 

After taking picture of the 2nd packet content, I threw away the powder cause I rather eat vege and fruits than drinking this again. 

I was hoping that this will be good but too bad it just doesn't work for me. Highly suggest you to try one packet first before commiting on this regime. 


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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

With all these health drinks, it's getting ridiculous. LOL. This looks horrible. Can't imagine the taste.

Chuen said...

Oh dear...looks horrible. I haven't opened mine yet though. Might give it a try...but like you said, eating veggies n fruits is still the best :)

CheaYee said...

Hahaha... This entry is ridiculously funny..

yes, having oranges and apples sounds a bit more fun.


Scha_Neil (Chanelle) said...

so, how is the result??

Unknown said...

hi..!! I drink this everyday... dont mix with luke warm water.. use 250ml normal water(NOT ICE ) ! sometime i will mix with homesoy soy milk, the taste is gone, only the homesoy soy milk..!! give have a try again! I lose 3 kg in 2 month period =)

Unknown said...

It doesn't smells as bad as u mentioned. In fact i find it have some fruity smells and i love it. Depends on individuals. But luckily i didn't saw your review before buying, if not surely im wasting such a good product.

Unknown said...

Yes, i am taking this, i felt like vomit after took this drink. WORST drink i ever had.

Unknown said...

So works ! I m happy wit it n a reasonable price..tq

Unknown said...

Per my experience and gotten result, such unfair comments. Yes, it is grassy green (as suppose to be natural staff). The smell and taste are very individual things. I would rate it is fine and liked the smell. Most of it is fast cleansing result. I tried it coincidentally while travelling. Now, surfing online to find how to get it shipped to the country where I live. Highly recommended product.