Thursday, April 18, 2013

My instalife & I had Thai food for Songkran [Just Me]

Hey hey, pretty girls and handsome gentlemen, 

How's everyone doing? I'm down in Klang Valley now and is extremely hot the weather. I'm feeling like an oven in my room without air-cond. Is just me cause I'm used to the weather up there. :) 

I'm quite glad that I'm still receiving some emails inquiries on Taylor's education and also about internship in Genting. Just a note that I may reply late to some of you because I'm rather busy at work. 

Anyway, these are some of my instagram pictures. We all love instagram! 

Pictures below are from the Songkran Thai food that I ate in Coffee Terrace. The promotion ended on 14th April 2013 but all I can say is that I very much enjoyed all the amazing authentic thai food they served in there. It seemed that they actually gotten chefs from Thailand just for this Water Festival promotion. No wonder the food was spectacular. :) 

Just a small part of my life :) 


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