Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist [Review]

I am guilty for not taking good care of my hair because I'm quite blessed with rather easy to manage hair. Well, occasionally my mom still nags about my hair looking horrible from back view which I am also guilty for not caring what she says. Most of the time I just go "Okay" and continue doing whatever I want, I'm a rebellious child, I know.

That aside, I still have a couple of bad hair days where the hair just doesn't want to listen me. So I still need a few products to help me tame those annoying hair days. Also, my hair is more on the natural wave side. With that, most of the time my hair do have lots of individual strands love to be bold and adventurous, wants to "stand out" from the rest. So, I still need some products to help keep all of those rebellious strands intact.

Recently, I have been playing with this hair spray that smells heavenly like fruity sparkling juice and it helps to achieve lighter, lustrous and healthier hair. This is the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower in Moist water-based mists.

It claims that it gives extra moisture effect to restore every strand of your hair in order to perform a moist feel on hair.It controls your hair volume by including Champagne Honey Gelee that keeps hair supple all day. You are suppose to spray about 5-10cm to the point of semi dry hair.

For me, of course, up till now, after trying Ma Cherie's shampoo and conditioner, it is undeniable that I am absolutely in love with how the products make my hair smells so attractive. Secondly, it works well in keeping my individual flying strands in place, it keeps my hair looking neater and more polished without adding too much weight because it is a mist. I mostly love to use mist on dry hair instead of wet/ semi dry hair because I don't see how it helps my hair at all. Is just me, I feel that way.

I love the packaging too because this spray cap is definitely prettier than the usual. However, I don't recommend travelling with it because it is rather big in size (250ml). I wish they will produce a smaller version like a travel size bottle, people can not only travel in peace but also it is a great way to get people trying this mist before purchasing the full size for their vanity. 

This product is available in selected Guardian and Wellness Aeon outlets at a price of RM39.90. 


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