Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ma Cherie | Japanese Hair Care | Shampoo & Conditioner [Review]

A luxurious world that melts your heart 

Never heard of Ma Cherie? Me too! This is my first time hearing of this new hair care brand from Japan. Ma Cherie means "my sweetheart to me" and it boasts guaranteed high quality products for beauty-conscious women who have strong inner fashion sense. Ma Cherie lady is a trend-innovator, a trend-setter who enjoys pampering herself with only the best. Damn, this brand sounds like is made for the bomb-diggity, the queen-bee, the spoiled-child and the women-on-top. Lols. Seriously. 

Ma Cherie consists of two full hair care ranges (Air Feel & Moisture) and one hair styling range designed to smooth and tame hair. The products ooze a sense of French romance and are formulated with four signature ingredients; Champagne, Honey, Hydroxyethylurea and Inositol that works together harmoniously to infuse every stand of hair with abundant moisture. Ma Cherie also has a signature floral and fruity aroma developed to induce a sweet yet romantic feeling every time you use the products. 

I was given this product to review them and they gave me the Moisture Range cause I'm growing my hair out, thus requires something more to help in healthy growing. The shampoo & conditioner each cost RM26.90 per bottle of 200ml. They also comes with a Treatment too costing at RM39.90 per tube which I don't have it in my collection. 

The moisture range is ideal for dry and unruly hair. Formulated with repairing and moisturizing ingredients, the entire range repairs and controls dry ends to produce hair that is smooth and silky to touch. 

I love love love love the smell of this shampoo to the max! Seriously smells like champagne or sparkling juice. It is so similar to Esprit Sparkling Juice in passion fruit. The product feels super luxurious but unfortunately the plastic packaging doesn't cut it to fall under the luxurious range. Look is everything. Yes, I admit the design is extremely nice and has the luxurious feel with 'gold' detailing but is the plastic bottles that bothers me. Then again, even luxurious brands shampoo comes in plastic bottles, hmmmm, or else what type of material are they going to use for shampoos? Okay, I totally just didn't make sense here. I really just can't explain. I'm sorry :( Maybe the plastic material that they use looks cheap. Just a thought. 

For some reason they like to give us products with all the foreign language behind it. Totally have no idea what it is written behind. If only I can read Korean, I can be cute already. Lols. Just kidding. 

The consistency of the shampoo is just nice and damn, I have to say the conditioner must be really moisturizing because it is extremely thick. Just look at it, doesn't fall. That is why I believe this product not only smells amazing but also works well. It cleans hair well and conditions hair perfectly. You will feel fresh after shampooing with it. 

It is available in selected Guardians and Wellness Aeon outlets. Just check them out and smell them yourself. You will fall in love with it. 


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