Monday, April 1, 2013

LeeHom Live in Genting [Concert]

Seriously, easiest blogpost ever. Pictures tell you a thousand words x 1000000 times the effect. Who doesn't know Lee Hom. Just look at his cute baby face in a grown up body, so good looking. You would have probably thought that I was there watching his concert for free but no, that wasn't the case. For some unknown reason I miss out the chance to meet him in person again. Only God knows why I chose to have my off days during the 3 days he was around the resort even when I perfectly know his concert was those dates. Don't even have a chance to bump into his hiding self wearing disguises. Oh well, it was nice to see his pictures though... hehe.


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FeeQ said...

He can sing Malay song! With Najwa Latif! Real talent :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Feeq, true, he is an artist that tries everything :)