Friday, April 12, 2013

Lancome L'Absolu Creme De Brillance Lip Gloss [Review]

I can't even pronouce this amazing lipgloss name.

Hello! I'm back reviewing a lipgloss that I have for ages. I won it from a blogging contest by Lancome. I never wanted to try this because I wasn't really attracted to the colour of it, I felt it was too rosy-aunty colour. Something that my mom would wear if she wears lip glosses. I almost wanted to give it away because I have so many lip products that I feel would be nice blessing others especially when it is Lancome. Almost wanted to sell it off too but nobody wants it. So, one fine day I just thought of trying it. 

It totally took me by surprise! I immediately fell in love with it! Like fo sizzle! It was super duper pigmented, some what a lipstick-lipgloss type and the colour suits me perfectly, the tone was just beautiful on my lips. 

Lancome claims: 

The richest lip-caring colour by lancome Indulge in voluptuous shine. Our highest concentration of Pro-Xylane, Hyaluronic Acid and Moisture Fix Complex. 10 hours of hydration for a moisture-plumping effect. 

I think, if i'm not mistaken, this lip colour is in 06 Rose Nu. Yes, I think it does give a little bit of that plumping effect to the lips and it is quite shiny, making lips look a bit 3D.Another great thing about it, I actually do like how it smells but I'm not sure how to describe it. It is not the fake candy smell or a bit plastic smell that I often get from a lipgloss or lipstick. It is not sweet smelling either. The smell feels sophisticated but wasn't till that perfumey smell either. It's complicated. 

The applicator is boringly normal, nothing huge about it. I mean what else can I say about the typical teardrop brush. I works well, that's all I can say. :) Also, maybe due to the hyaluronic acid, it doesn't dries my lips at all. It doesn't super long though but if you be careful about not licking your lips too often, then you might get a good 4-5 hours stay. I probably only got this to last for about 1-2 hours because I always snack and drink like crazy and I have the habit of licking my lips. 

You can see the difference it made to my lips! 

I think this is a brilliant lipgloss, suitable for those working ladies who need a fast lip colour and gloss. Especially if you have that last minute meeting. It looks amazing not only on the lips but also look fabulous in the bag. I mean come on, you are carrying a branded (at least to me) lipgloss in your bag. How would it get unnoticed? 


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