Monday, April 8, 2013

KLIPS by SAYS! Whatz That?

A movie fanatic? Want free movie tickets? 
Yes you can with KLIPS! 

KLIPS is Malaysia's online movie community where users connect to rate, review and watch trailers to the latest movies. It is a place to read and hear honest opinions about the movies Malaysians are watching. So you don't have to worry about watching the wrong movie again! 

The great part about KLIPS is that besides contributing and reading reviews, you can skip on paying for your movie tickets because they give out free tickets regularly and it is super simple to be in the running to win! 

How to win free tickets? 

First, look out for movies with golden "FREE PASSES" label on the site. These are the movies that you will be able to win free tickets to. Alternatively, you can follow (@klipsmalaysia) on twitter or FB (KLIPS) and be notified whenever they have movie tickets to give away. 

Two main ways of winning those awesome tickets:

1. Let your friends know that you want to watch a particular movie by sharing the movie trailer on your social networks. You earn one chance for every unique visit achieved. 
2. Answer a super quick and easy poll ad earn ten chances on the spot. 

KLIPS is all in one! Movies, Trailers, Ratings, Reviews and FREE TICKETS! What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW at


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1 comment:

penaberkala said...

i've tried few times
no luck yet,never received free tix from KLIPS