Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interesting Inspirations that gets me going...

I really wonder who created the word "Inspiration". I always believe that being inspired is one of the best feeling in the entire world other than being in love. I truly think that my pupils dilates bigger when I get inspired by...well, almost anything. It can be a picture, a video, a movie, someone, some group or even just the feeling of thankfulness.

Inspiration motivates people, give people new ideas, creativity & innovation prevails in individuals, it makes life happy and exciting, giving it a whole new meaning to life. I just love it!

I have one special group of Apps that I absolutely love to death. They are filled with pretty, cool and amazing stuffs. I'm obsessed with Flipboard, Pintrest, Bloglovin, Lockerz, and WeHeartIt. These are the few apps that gets me going everytime I'm feeling down and depressed, maybe because I love beauty, fashion, interior designs, travel and arts. Thus, I fell in love and almost addicted to these inspiring apps.

Here's some mood lifter pictures 
to share with you...

How do you inspire yourself? 

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