Sunday, April 7, 2013

Axiata Cup 2013: Up Your Game!

Are you following Axiata Cup but can't get instant update? Well, now you can just by downloading the Axiata Cup App! Not only will you get prompt news, results various other info and updates on the matches, you can also stream life matches on your phone to make sure you never miss an important match!

Find the links below:

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When you get pumped up looking at all the adrenaline, you can also win your own Axiata Cup via the game inside the app! Okay, I'm not much a gamer on iPhone and iPad because I hate the idea of waiting and going in back another time just because you ran out of coins and etc. Though, there are a couple of games that I really like such and fruit ninja, diner dash, cupcake dash, shooting games.... because I can up my level without the need to wait for coins to load overtime.

So I've tested out the Axiata Cup app badminton game. Yup, I am going to test my athletic skills too. Hehe. I'm not the best at badminton but I'm sure I can handle it virtually.

So I went into the app and then click on Play Game. Pick your player, of course, I'm the type of girl that will always pick girl player even in Mortal Combat. Follow the instructions and PLAY!

You will start from stage 1 obviously, the game is simple, similar to fruit ninja, instead of samurai-ing the fruits, you are suppose to flick the shuttlecock over the net to score. The idea is somewhat to smash the shuttlecocks over the net, if your shuttlecock is flying oh-so-slowly over the net, no points will be counted. The shuttlecock should turn blue after flicking to be considered smashed. Just remember to get every shuttlecock over the net, if it falls on the floor, you lost a life. I assume the 3 dots around the bottom of my "character" on the top right is my life. 

That's all? You wish! That was just the basic. To score even more points, you can try purposely flicking the shuttlecock to the net to bounce back and you flick it again over the net. This is apparently call the "Bounce Points". When you've just started to get the hang of the game, round 2 is where you meet the "bombs", no brainer, just don't touch the bombs. Duh. 

Then further down the game, they told me to flick the shuttlecock up to get "Juggle" points. Remember to catch the shuttlecock after flicking them up because what goes up must come down. Just flick it over the net to score points. 

There's more! Apparently, if you wait till the shuttlecock goes low and you flick it when it is nearer to the ground over the net, you will score "Low" points.

The funny part was just when I thought blue shuttlecock indicates me smashing them, here comes a guide telling me to shoot it from the top to score "Smash" points. Burn. Then I found out that if you flick it from the far right over the net, you will get "Far" points. Double burn because I never knew it existed. 

It can be quite challenging to stay alive because as your rank goes higher, more shuttlecocks will appear in a shorter period of time. I quite like this game and foresee myself playing with this to pass time other than playing Scramble with Friends. :D You should try too! 


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