Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Moist [Review]

I am guilty for not taking good care of my hair because I'm quite blessed with rather easy to manage hair. Well, occasionally my mom still nags about my hair looking horrible from back view which I am also guilty for not caring what she says. Most of the time I just go "Okay" and continue doing whatever I want, I'm a rebellious child, I know.

That aside, I still have a couple of bad hair days where the hair just doesn't want to listen me. So I still need a few products to help me tame those annoying hair days. Also, my hair is more on the natural wave side. With that, most of the time my hair do have lots of individual strands love to be bold and adventurous, wants to "stand out" from the rest. So, I still need some products to help keep all of those rebellious strands intact.

Recently, I have been playing with this hair spray that smells heavenly like fruity sparkling juice and it helps to achieve lighter, lustrous and healthier hair. This is the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower in Moist water-based mists.

It claims that it gives extra moisture effect to restore every strand of your hair in order to perform a moist feel on hair.It controls your hair volume by including Champagne Honey Gelee that keeps hair supple all day. You are suppose to spray about 5-10cm to the point of semi dry hair.

For me, of course, up till now, after trying Ma Cherie's shampoo and conditioner, it is undeniable that I am absolutely in love with how the products make my hair smells so attractive. Secondly, it works well in keeping my individual flying strands in place, it keeps my hair looking neater and more polished without adding too much weight because it is a mist. I mostly love to use mist on dry hair instead of wet/ semi dry hair because I don't see how it helps my hair at all. Is just me, I feel that way.

I love the packaging too because this spray cap is definitely prettier than the usual. However, I don't recommend travelling with it because it is rather big in size (250ml). I wish they will produce a smaller version like a travel size bottle, people can not only travel in peace but also it is a great way to get people trying this mist before purchasing the full size for their vanity. 

This product is available in selected Guardian and Wellness Aeon outlets at a price of RM39.90. 


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZA Spring/Summer 2013 Eyes Groovy Palettes [Review & Tutorial]

Enhance your femininity with ZA Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection, featuring these sweet shades of Eyes Groovy eye palletes!

I received these two palletes from ZA for a review and I have been testing them out for about 1 month now. ZA's idea of choosing these colors for the palletes are for the users to achieve simple, everyday look. With Brilliant Powder Complex, the eye shadow colors give a eyes a stunning glow. Its Skin Fit formula enables the sheer, bright colors to be layered and spread on eyelids easily. They also contains Vitamin E to nourish eyelids and is dermatologist-tested.

I'm actually really glad they gave me these two sets because the colors are beautiful. Though, I would have to  disagree that they are bright colors. I personally feel that they are quite sheer which makes it perfect for everyday look. Of course, it is build-able but only with the darker shades.  

In general, they look quite matte in the pan but quite shimmery when swatched. They do cause a little bit of fall outs but it is bearable. The shadows are amazingly soft to use and easy to blend. I'm so thankful that the pan size for each color is not puny like some other quad palletes. Just because they are quads, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the size of each color. That is super depressing okay. Maybe the only thing that is missing is to install in mirror in the quad, is not a must but I would love the pallete even more because I can travel without worrying not having a mirror with me when I want to touch-up. No biggy though. 

and oh.... one lonely, miserable sponge applicator resting in a big space. 
Maybe 2 applicator would be cool. :)

Pinkish Brown shades are just lovely. I love the pink with coral undertone and the light gold is to die for, layering the gold on top of the pink is just a heavenly color of rose-gold look alike! Stunning!

Clean Gray have the most alluring navy blue and futuristic silver ever. They fit perfectly together and great of a smoking day look and a dark, stunning night party look. Such a head-turner color combination! I just have a slight problem in wondering how to add the gold in the middle to blend into those shades. The gold is slightly more pigmented that the light gold of the pinkish brown pallete. 

Check out my Romantic Tutorial using ZA Eyes Groovy Pinkish Brown Pallete! 

Each pallete cost at RM39.90 and you can find it at Watson, Guardians and major hypermarkets. :)

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interesting Inspirations that gets me going...

I really wonder who created the word "Inspiration". I always believe that being inspired is one of the best feeling in the entire world other than being in love. I truly think that my pupils dilates bigger when I get inspired by...well, almost anything. It can be a picture, a video, a movie, someone, some group or even just the feeling of thankfulness.

Inspiration motivates people, give people new ideas, creativity & innovation prevails in individuals, it makes life happy and exciting, giving it a whole new meaning to life. I just love it!

I have one special group of Apps that I absolutely love to death. They are filled with pretty, cool and amazing stuffs. I'm obsessed with Flipboard, Pintrest, Bloglovin, Lockerz, and WeHeartIt. These are the few apps that gets me going everytime I'm feeling down and depressed, maybe because I love beauty, fashion, interior designs, travel and arts. Thus, I fell in love and almost addicted to these inspiring apps.

Here's some mood lifter pictures 
to share with you...

How do you inspire yourself? 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Nuffnang #FashionFabulous plays dress up!

I Love My Team!!!!!

Lols, okay maybe I shouted too loud but I really do like my team's finish look. Seriously, we were all damn poser like crazy. They are all guys and they gave me ideas on my outifit, wahahahahaha! 

Wondering what am I raving about? Well, Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous team had a fashion gathering event last sunday at The Warehouse Cafe Art in KL. No easy to find the location but was worth it because the place looks awesomely hipster and cool for photoshoots. 

They had 3 independent apparel brands set up for us to mix match and play dress up for a little instagram contest. Winners walk away with a bag of organic goodies sponsored by Melvita, the skincare brand. The 3 apparel brands were Pestle & Mortar, and PhatCulture. 

Our mission was to grab a partner and style ourselves for a little fun photoshoot around the area. Instagram the pictures and get noticed! 

...and this is my final look! 

Cap - Pestle & Mortar
Exercise Book - Pestle & Mortar
T-shirt with HanieHidayah's picture - Pestle & Mortar 
Amazing Black & Gold body hugging Skirt - PhatCulture
High Socks - Pestle & Mortar
Canvas Shoes - Arran Foong's belonging

Lols, I look like a walking Pestle & Mortar mannequin. Well, I tried other outfits but I feel this set suits my team's theme best. We are like hipsters playing truant.Yeah, we are cool like that. Also, they are walking P&M man mannequin cause that's all they can choose from. :p and oh... I had 2 partners + 1 cute photographer KifliMally!

~Check out our pictures :D ~

Also, here's a picture with SherLynn :)

At the end of the day, we got a small goodie bag from Melvita and was so amazing to give us a super duper pretty & comfortable shirt and a cute mirror. Thank you MilkTee!!

One last crazy shoot from me :)

I had much fun! Big thank you to Nuffnang for the gathering party!
The #FashionFabulous team is getting bigger and better!


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Brand's InnerShine Prune Essence [Review]

I know I'm slow for trying this out late. Always wanted to try other Brand's product, even the new Brand's Ruby Collagen, I've yet to try that out but now I will be sharing with you what's my first impression of the InnerShine Prune Essence that I've got recently from The Great Guardian Makeover. 

When I first open it, it smells exactly like prune, like duh, obviously. It has the thick liquid consistency and you can see some of the prune residue is still in there, is not a bad thing. When you drink it, SOUR as crazy. I honestly never thought that it will be so sour. It smelled and tasted like the SunSweet prunes that I love when I feel fat. It doesn't taste bad or anything, it is just more sour than I thought it would be.

Of course, with just 1 bottle I can't tell you much of whether how great my skin felt or blah blah blah but at least now I know that it is drinkable. I think after a while I will get used to the taste and will happily enjoy this little luxury beauty drink daily. So yeay to Brand's Prune Drink!


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Red Berries Tea by Ronnefeldt

Have anyone ever had this tea? 

I was at Ritz Carlton for an event sometime ago and they had an amazing selection of teas during the event. This tea caught my eye because of its super red packaging and it is written berries on it. I love berries and I think I tried a couple of other berry teas before but wasn't as delicious as this Red Berries Tea by Ronnefeldt. 

When I was at the event, I had this tea accompanied with honey & lemon. I immediately fell in love with it! I went over to the counter and asked if I can steal a couple of teabags to enjoy during my Me Time at home. The guy was so nice and gave me 3 teabags to bring home.

Initially, I wondered if it was just the lemon and honey that made it so yummy. I mean of course that made some difference in the tea flavor but these Red Berries Teas was great on their own too. I love how it tastes and smell a little fruity sour. It was just so good for my mind and soul. I need to check if I can buy them in Tesco or Cold Storage. If any of you knows where I can get them cheaper, please please please let me know. Thank you very much! :)  


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