Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unbox Vanity Trove March 2013 [Review]

This is my second box of Vanity Trove and unfortunately it is still not up to expectation. I'm sure I not the only one feeling this. Yes, I will admit that they take in good quality products, such as Lunasol. Thank God they put in cosmetics this time, at least we know they are hearing us out and is continuing to strive better to please their subscribers. I will give them a thumbs up for that.

The issue here is still them giving super micro mini sample sizes and vouchers that are not... How do I say this... Not that attractive. Not much of a WOW factor that keeps people wanting more or curious to be surprised with the next trove.

Apparently they have reduced the price to RM50 per trove now. HALLELUJAH, there is a God! I guess it is tough because the competition now is quite high. Though, lowering it by RM10 is still burning holes in many pockets but at least they are keeping up and listening to what others is saying or doing.  Who knows they might even lower it even further in the future once they manage to gauge what their subscribers wants.
Most of the sample sizes in the box I've given to my friends because I prefer reviewing full or travel size products as the results is more accurate for blogging. I have to say I like their box, it is good quality box. That's pretty much it. Lols.

Check out my video unboxing of the Vanity Trove March Edition. Quality is a bit off, I promised to work on the quality on the next video.


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